Vorobyov isolation and access control needed in Moscow on may holidays

MOSCOW, April 27. /TASS/. The Governor noted that the health system in the region works hard.

– Isolation, access control and restrictive measures are necessary in Moscow on may holidays. This was announced Monday in your account in Instagram the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov.

“I Want to again tell you how we are coping with the coronavirus and where we are today. The situation is still complicated. Every day the doctors reveals hundreds of new cases and the total number of cases has reached 10 thousand This means that isolation, access control, restrictive measures need to continue, including during the may holidays”, — wrote the sparrows.

however, he noted that in the Moscow clinics have beds, oxygen equipment and ventilators, and medicines and everything necessary.

“But relaxing is not eligible. So we decided to double the number of beds to use all reserves; somewhere this is a new medical building, somewhere we redesigned the existing ones. It is important to do because every day we hospitalization of hundreds of people. You see the numbers, and joy is nothing,” wrote the Governor.

He also said that doctors pay attention to the psychological state of people, patients. “Some, frankly, scary, when there is a cough and, God forbid, the temperature that had previously paid little attention. And this is understandable. Our task now — as many people as possible to diagnose on CT,” — said Vorobyov.

He also said that the region carries out a set of doctors and drivers to work on an ambulance. “A huge burden on the ambulance, as we all know, we see all your messages and comments . We continue to recruit staff in the ambulance. Believe me, it is now very difficult. Looking for a and doctors, and drivers. 23 of Mostransavto already sat on fast”, he said.