Russian ballerina, dancer Anastasia Volochkova made the statement that she was “a ballerina of all Russia.” According to her, currently, from it emanates kindness, warmth, sincerity, sexuality, joy, and happiness and positivity.

The reason for the apparent changes has been the love of the artist. Despite this, to demonstrate to the public his beloved Anastasia is clearly not in a hurry. And after all he buys ballerina “basket of roses with feathers, armfuls of flowers and diamonds.”

My profession I suffered having come to ballet school, with absolutely no data, but becoming a ballerina of all Russia. Today my main trump is my favorite thing, — said Volochkova in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

According to Volochkova, she is quite often cry because she is “his Kingdom was created by a lot of physical labor and confrontations”. However, any Queen “betrayed” and feels pain. The main objective remains the preservation of honor and dignity, signed Volochkova.

Today, the dancer often thinks about the upcoming wedding. Initially hold a celebration planned in the fall, however, due to the pandemic in the fashion industry, the event had to be postponed.

Earlier wrote that the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, who was a long time in a tense relationship with his mother, Tamara, invited a parent to visit and spent the weekend with her.