Vladimir Putin Russia will not have time to completely withdraw from the restrictive measures for the Victory Day

Deputy Prime Minister believes that a full exit from the restrictive measures possible to fly, if the Russians will comply with all recommendations for social distancing and self-isolation.

MOSCOW, April 12. /TASS/. Russia will not have time to completely get out of the restrictive measures relating to coronavirus, to the Victory Day. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova in an interview to the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” on TV channel “Russia-1”.

“I’d not made any premature conclusions. We are very eager in anticipation of this great holiday, Victory Day, of course, to get out of this situation. But to get out of it we just will not be able,” said she in response to the question of the extension of restrictive measures.

According to her, the full withdrawal of Russia from the restrictive measures possible to fly, if citizens are to fulfil all the recommendations on social distancing and self-isolation.

“We need very hard to think about it because each of us depends on how quickly we overcome, we can be disciplined, will be able to listen to yourself and those recommendations which are currently being taken, so you’ll be able to get out of this situation and will continue to fly to press each other’s hands,” — said the Deputy Prime Minister.

the Mode of self-isolation, mandatory or recommendatory, has already been introduced in all regions of the Russian Federation: do not operate stores, except grocery and outlets selling commodities and commodities for animals, closed theaters, restaurants, cafes, fitness centers beauty salons, prohibited visits to parks and entertainment. Almost all state and municipal service he went to work in the online mode.

According to the latest data, in the course of the pandemic coronavirus infection in the world has infected nearly 1.7 million people, over 100 thousand died. Just today in Russia was 15 770 cases of infection in 82 regions. For the entire period recorded 130 deaths, recovered 1,291 people.