Villas have become a valid reason to break the isolation

Now the northerners can go to the dacha or country house, to go for water to the nearest column or structure, as well as for firewood and edible supplies, which are stored in the garage or the cellar.

Photo: iStock Isolation in the car: the nuances of life in the car, caravan and cottage on wheels

the Cottagers took the news with enthusiasm. Although in the North there is snow and the season of gardens is unlikely to begin before may, it is much nicer to not isolate themselves in the apartment and in the house and quietly prepare for the season. Almost everything you need for the garden just included in the updated regional list of commodities, equipment, seeds, seedlings and agricultural crops. By the way, this list also complements print media, auto parts, glasses and lenses, plumbing and electrical equipment.

Permission to go on the water will be useful for the same cottagers and the inhabitants of rural and suburban private homes are not covered by centralized water supply. But good at chopping and gathering of firewood will be true even for residents of Arkhangelsk’s city centre: the city’s many wooden houses with stove heating, and fuel for them is often held further away than a walking distance.

at the same time in Pomerania suspended the activities of the bookmakers, betting with betting shops, pawnshops and microfinance institutions. This is done in order to protect the northerners from acting in a difficult economic environment, said the regional government. While regional and municipal microfinance institutions that support small and medium businesses, will continue to work.

Maybe other regions should think about it?

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