The Venus is our closest neighbor and a beautiful one. Worth a visit – especially now!

Because Friday passes by Venus in the constellation of Taurus in front of the distant Background of the Pleiades, the Pleiades.

“probably The most beautiful star clusters of the sky”, the head of the Hamburg planetarium Prof. Thomas W. Kraupe. The astronomer says: “A rare sight, the stars fans should not miss to see with the naked eye and binoculars wonderful.” What awaits sky gazers and romantics, has simulated Kraupe (see image). When the sky is clear the clouds of dust, perhaps even to the Pleiades visible to us.

you look to the West,

Kraupe: “In the eight year cycle of Venus repeat performances of this year’s April the best month ever. The Venus is from early evening until after midnight as a bright evening star on the Western horizon.“

This ultra-violet absorption of the Venus managed the Hubble Space telescope, Nasa and Esa on 24. January 1995. At the time of the recording of Venus was of 113.6 million kilometers from earth photo: NASA/ESA

removes The special feature of Venus: As the Planet moves within the earth’s orbit around the sun (for a solar orbit in only 225 days) we see you always in the vicinity of the direction of view of the sun either in the evening or in the morning, in the twilight. And because of the thick cloud cover of Venus reflects most of the sunlight, it appears to us brighter than any other stars and planets. It is, therefore, as THE evening – or morning star.

The Pleiades are a pile of open star. He is part of our milky way. Even before the invention of the telescope, the Pleiades were the people known. The star cluster is referred to in the German language area also as the Pleiades, and because we can distinguish with the naked eye is seven bright stars. In other Parts of the earth, the Pleiades are pictured with six-to-nine-star – depending on the visibility conditions.

The Pleiades here as the Pleiades – on the famous sky disc of Nebra (3700 to 4100 years old). If they were visible in the sky, knew the farmers, that sowing (spring) and harvest (autumn), decorum photo: picture alliance / dpa