MEXICO city, 5 Jan — RIA Novosti. Minister of foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza confirmed rumors that illegally proclaimed himself President of Venezuela Juan Guido hiding in the French Embassy, and demanded his extradition to justice.

“We hope that these governments (Spain and France — ed.) to act properly, respecting the laws of the receiving state, in this case Venezuela, and deliver fugitives from justice in the hands of the Venezuelan justice,” said Arreaza in an interview with radio Union.

According to the Minister, Guido is a direct participant in “Operation Gideon” — attempt sea invasion to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro, so he “owes Venezuelan justice and the people of Venezuela”.

Speaking of the Embassy of Spain, Arreaza pointed out who had taken refuge there, Leopoldo Lopez, who allegedly initiated “Operation Gideon”. Lopez, according to the head of the foreign Ministry, continues to participate in a conspiracy against the current government, in the territory of the Spanish Embassy.

a Few days ago, Venezuelan President Maduro has repeatedly referred to Guido as a “fugitive from justice” that sparked rumors of his possible escape and attempts to receive asylum in a third country.

In early may, the interior Minister of Venezuela, Nestor Reverol stated that the authorities prevented a naval invasion of Colombian militants from the state La. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the attack was an assassination attempt. According to the interior Ministry, the militants tried to invade the country on speedboats. Chairman of the constituent Assembly Diosdado Cabello said that eight attackers were killed.

Authorities have arrested for the attack 31 people. Maduro said that among them two U.S. citizens, which he called personal protection officers Donald trump. The head of the White house said it was not involved in the incident.

the United States, unlike Russia and many other countries, from January 2019 not recognize Maduro President of the country, and I think the interim head of state leader of the Venezuelan opposition of Juan Guido, illegally proclaimed himself President. Diplomatic presence in Venezuela, Washington is not. In late March, the U.S. justice Department has accused Maduro and 15 members of the leadership of the country’s involvement in drug trafficking and money laundering.