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I got a few days ago a request from The Norwegian trekking association: “We are going to make a case about what you can do in the week of easter, now that hytteturen for many are cancelled and travel options limited. Do you have a tip you want to share with us?”

Are not communicated quite well already, I thought. How many ways is it somehow possible to say it – now we must be clever and use the community.

And why ask ye me? I haven’t done anything else throughout his life than to revel in the travel options which the world has bet on.

I have cooked bålkaffe in Siberia and Alaska, paddled through Tasmania and Canada, gone on ski over the Greenland and the Antarctic, climbed in Nepal and Peru, biked through the Sahara and Iceland, ridden through Mongolia and Argentina – and now I’m going to act as a kind of specialist on tours which can be done within a stone’s throw from home.

I have not done anything else in life than to revel in the travel options which the world has bet on.

In all the years I have been looking for adventure out there. Meaning of life has always lain beyond the horizon. Clearly we must use the world. This colorful, wonderful, diverse planet. Should we really not be able to make the longer trip?

Travel! – I have always said to my kids. Get out! Experience the world! See how others live. Be inspired by how they think. Learn! Make friends in other countries and other cultures. It provides perspective and references to the private life. It creates a sense of belonging. It creates cohesion, respect, and understanding – all that the world needs more of.

even before the virus was the time of the. The planet can tolerate it no longer. I know it. The meaning of life must lie hitenfor the horizon. There is no future anymore for adventurers and globetrotters.

Sorry – tankeflukt and digression. “Do you have a tip you want to share with us, now that the travel options are limited?”

the Meaning of life must lie hitenfor the horizon.

sometimes I think back on my life. It should be well aged. I mean, there is more to look back on than forward to. And then I think, if I had been reliving a – well, let’s say a femårsbolk of my life, what period would I have chosen?

What I know now in retrospect as the most exciting, fascinating and utbytterike part of my life? “You who have experienced so much”.

Stein P. Aasheim

the Answer is simple. I would have taken the years when the kids were small. Big enough to run around in the grass, but small enough that they should be read to at bedtime.

I would have chosen the years where every turn in the shoreline was a voyage of discovery in itself, where pannekakene on primusen was the weekend highlight, which was a research project in each rumpetrolldam in the middle of the forest, where we snekret birdhouses with “Welcome!” during the entry wound, and played hide and seek in the blomsterenga.

The years where I would have taken.

In all the years I have been looking for adventure out there.

I would have taken the period as contained mestringshylet after having jumped dry-shod across the brook. Both in decibels and radiated joy, it could have measured up with my own Everest-scream many years later. Both were surpassed by a similar outbreak when the first trout put on the hook, but immediately went over in inconsolable crying, when the fish the moment after fell off.

I would have chosen over the years where, when the voltage at the teltturen a mile from the kjøkkendøra not standing back for any ørkenkryssing, jungelferd or polar expedition. The years it was handed out Michelin stars for the roasted pinnebrød and cold sausages, and barkebåter in Håkåhølen were sailing ships across the southern ocean.

Yes, I have a tip to share:

Use the time we are inside for all it is worth.

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