They went scientifically to work, then they would find a method to remove sea lice from the salmon, The institute of marine research in collaboration with the University of Melbourne.

– fish farming asked us to do experiments with UVC light to remove the lice from the farmed salmon, ” says researcher Frode Oppedal at The institute of marine research.

Lice are one of the major problems for the aquaculture industry will have great experiences to sterilize water with UVC light, and had observed that the light also did damage on the small luseeggene.

Was surprised

Researchers from the two forskermiljøene climbed up in laksemerdene and picked up egg strings from moderlus and transported into the laboratory.

Researcher Frode Oppedal at The institute of marine research

Photo: institute Of marine research

Here exposed the eggs to different doses of UVC light until they found the right dose that injured the larvae so that they did not manage to develop into lice.

This worked very well. So far was the experiment a success.

the Next step was to take the salmon that had sea lice on them into the lab and expose it to the same amount of UVC-rays as the eggs had been exposed to.

Then came the big surprise.

the Salmon was also damaged.

the Skin and the shells were almost sunburned at the same time that it had received apparent eye damage.

In addition try the salmon and to rub itself against the bottom and behaved as if it was annoyed.

the Success was suddenly made into a failure.

A dish with salmon and sea lice which are irradiated with UVC light.

Photo: Luke Barrett / the University of Melbourne Took down the salmon instead of lusa

We thought we had found a good method to get rid of sea lice, but we took down the salmon instead, or rather corrupted it, says Oppedal.

It surprised us that the vulnerable eggs could stand up to more UVC light than the salmon.

The institute of marine research have now stopped the attempt with UVC light to combat sea lice but welcome new ideas for new attempts.

another method often used to remove the lice, namely hot water, has not proven to be unproblematic.

Battle continues

head of communication Lars Fredrik Martinussen at the farming company Nordlaks in Vesterålen, says in a comment to NRK that it is set in the time range of initiative to solve the challenge with sea lice.

– Attempt to The institute of marine research is one example of efforts to find methods to combat lice.

– When the research is so wide that any attempt necessarily fails, but the struggle to find a method to combat lice continues for the full.

Lars Fredrik Martinussen. Communications manager, Nordlaks

Photo: Pressefoto