The aircraft has since been written off as a total loss. The Korean Air Airbus A330-300, registration number HL7525, overshot the runway in pouring rain on Sunday (October 23) after landing in Cebu. Luckily, none of the occupants were injured and they were all able to exit the aircraft using the emergency slides.

Nevertheless, the flight should still occupy many of them. Because the last few minutes on board were not pleasant. The cockpit staff made two unsuccessful attempts to head for Cebu Airport, and the incident occurred on the third attempt to land.

But as has now become known, the aircraft touched down briefly on the runway the second time. According to the Aviation Herald, a portal specializing in incidents, the flight captain testified that the A330 had hit the runway hard on the second approach due to wind shear.

Then the pilots took off again. A brake warning light came on in the cockpit.

The cabin crew then prepared the passengers for an emergency landing and instructed them to assume the safety position, where you lay your upper body on your knees.

Passengers apparently reported that lightning could be seen around the airport during the landing attempts. During the second attempt to land, a loud bang was heard when touching down.

The third landing was initially successful – until it came down to braking. The Airbus A330 only came to a standstill 360 meters after the end of the runway. According to initial statements by the Philippine and Korean authorities, both the hydraulics and the brakes failed during the last attempt to land. The nose landing gear, the nose underbody and the cockpit of the aircraft were badly damaged.

This article was written by Laura Frommberg

The original of this article “In Airbus chaos in Cebu, passengers only experience the worst after landing” comes from aeroTelegraph.