UN chief: the world is facing the

“COVID-19 – this is the greatest challenge that we have faced together since the creation of the United Nations,” – said Guterres in a statement released Tuesday. According to him, this human crisis requires a coordinated, decisive, inclusive and innovative policy action by major economies in the world, as well as the maximum financial and technical support for the poorest and most vulnerable people and countries.

head of the international organization called the pandemic crisis goes beyond the health sector. “This is a human crisis. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) affects society at its core”, said Guterres, adding that the world must work together if it is going to reduce social and economic impacts of the coronavirus in the population of the planet.

Photo: iStock Russian scientists have proposed a new method to destroy coronavirus

UN Secretary-General reported that disposed to create special Fund response and recovery “COVID-19” to support the efforts of low and middle-income against local pandemic coronavirus, says CNN.

Recall that the UN was founded in 1945 immediately after the Second world war more than 50 countries with the aim of enhancing cooperation between States and conflict prevention. Now there are 193 member States.


the UN Office in Geneva said nine cases of coronavirus among its staff, said Tuesday the Director of the Information service of the United Nations in Geneva Alessandra’s Vellucci, quoted by the Xinhua news Agency. In a letter to the journalists accredited to the UN in Geneva, Vellucci said that privacy of patients with additional information at the present time will not be provided, but in each case, “taken all precautions”.

“the United Nations is working closely with the Swiss government and the world health organization prevention and preparedness for a pandemic in the country”, – said the representative of the world organization. Earlier on March 28, Vellucci said at a press briefing that 78 cases COVID-19 was confirmed among UN staff around the world. In addition to the United Nations Office at Geneva, international labour organization, the world trade organization and the world health organization has also reported cases COVID-19 among its employees. The majority of UN staff are currently working on remote access.