the Ukrainian TV presenter Marichka Padalko, who lost a front tooth during a television broadcast, said that to blame her little daughter. It over ten years ago, knocked her tooth out the clock.

“in my bedroom there was a heavy metal alarm and one was very interested in my little daughter. She grabbed it off the windowsill and began waving a “toy” next to sleeping mom. And I only yawned like a little fun handle repulsed me half of the tooth,” said Marichka in his Instagram. Then she slightly fixed the tooth, and recently decided to address this issue more thoroughly. The dentist built up the tooth, but was forbidden to take a bite the food front teeth to the end of treatment. But Padalko to this ban lightly.

“Actually, that’s why happened what happened,” she said. During the broadcast the incident tried to hide and did not even put the episode on YouTube channel TSN. But big-eyed bloggers managed to record from the screen, extending it in different publications.

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