Since the beginning of January, police in Trøndelag investigated several serious cases of damage to property in the area is under vindkraftutbygging on Frøya.

Skadeverkene is estimated at a total cost of nok 15 million, according to police.

Now they have charged two persons for damage to property, or complicity to this.

Damaged power cables costing 7 million

in The last months, there have been a number of damage and vandalism in the construction site:

Around christmas and the new year will be broken oppholdsforbudet and sprayed something smelly in the cab of a anleggsmaskin and in a anleggsbrakke. In January there was a fire in an excavator and sprengningsmatter. Police believe the fire was applied. The latest case is the destruction of the power cables that were stored in the construction site. There is talk about cables that should be connected to the wind turbines.

The last skadeverket alone has an estimated total cost for Trønderenergi at 7 million, writes the police in an e-mail to NRK. It is unsure exactly when the damage was done.

– Skadeverket will also be able to cause delays in the work of the windmills. The matter is under investigation and police would like not to disclose details around skadeverket, writing bailiff in Orkdal, Tor Kristian Haugan.

the Bailiff’s Tor Kristian Haugan.

Photo: Kirsti Kringstad / NRK Released from custody

Police investigation of skadeverkene on Frøya has led to the apprehension of two persons.

They are charged with wilful damage to property, or complicity to this, ” explains police sergeant Haugan:

– The two people were arrested because the police believe there is both sufficient reason, therefore, probable that they have carried out the action or contributed, and the danger that they would forfeit evidence, if they were not apprehended.

Those charged have been in custody, but is released. The police believe there is no longer danger for bevisforspillelse.

the Police want tips from people who may have information related to the skadeverkene.

Trønderenergi says they begin to be used to sabotage executive vice President for communications and corporate social responsibility in Trønderenergi, Stig Tore Laugen, is happy that the police are on the trail of who is behind the hærverket.

– For those who work in the facility, it has not been something pleasant that people have gone to such drastic steps to highlight the resistance. But at the same time, they have almost become accustomed to this. It has almost become a normal situation with the unwanted incidents, ” said Laugen.

He emphasizes that most people, even opponents, taking the distance from the rough crime.

– They are in despair over the fact that some are willing to go so far. Also many who are opponents of the project think this is low. It’s okay to be contrary and argue their opinion in democratic forums. But sabotage and vandalism is to cross borders, which I think no one seems acceptable, think Stig Tore Laugen.