While Mustafa’s menu isn’t particularly well received in the “The Perfect Dinner” session, he still manages to lift the spirits of the group. And for that he needs nothing but his hookah.

Embarrassed mood and often futile efforts by the three teachers in the group to loosen up the atmosphere a bit: Shortly before carnival in Cologne, it was at times incomprehensible how clumsy and embarrassed the five members of the dinner group got through the evenings.

Was it the somewhat too strict friend of the opening hostess Sarah (31) on day 1, the perfectionism of the headmaster and hobby do-it-yourselfer Jörg (62) on day 2 or Ramona’s (39) depressed tension between red cabbage and roulades on day 3? No matter what it was – here comes Mustafa (38) and with him no load, but at least a touch of Mediterranean lightness:

What the native of Cologne (“Isch bin en Kölsche Jung”) with roots in Izmir conjures up is Turkish hospitality in its purest form: three kinds of meze starters, kebabs in batter with grilled vegetables, bulgur and yoghurt, and angel hair stuffed with sweet mozzarella on ice cream Goat milk. So far, so homely, and “as you know it from your favorite Turk” (Jörg). Unfortunately, no big surprise for the worldly round. “I was hoping for more lightness and spices,” admits Linda (27): “The angel hair is somehow just bulk.” “The meat is pretty dry,” states Ramona, who always seems a bit sour. Jörg at least tries to balance it out verbally: “The cooking point of the meat was a bit overdone, which made it compact.”

“Not true at all,” the host happily contradicts: “I’ve never managed it so well.” What doesn’t really work with food and drink, he compensates with the crowning glory: everyone can try the shisha pipe. Jörg, who is experiencing his first time in this respect, is particularly eager – until he has to snort a whole load again. But finally a bit of fun has returned to the dinner round.

Mustafa (“I can’t lose at all”), with 27 points at the bottom of the table, can be really proud of that. And on his talented daughter Tuana (13), who is extremely energetic at her “Baba” (“We bitch at each other sometimes”) and sets the future: “When I’m 18, I’ll apply for the ‘Perfect Dinner’ and then win.”

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