Actually, Frank Rosin is used to a lot from his restaurant rescue operations. However, a sports restaurant in the Upper Palatinate almost makes the chef lose his faith: the guests are served semi-frozen burgers! Does the store have a chance?

He’s not exactly the man of soft tones. Frank Rosin doesn’t wrap his messages in cotton wool. If he gets really angry, it’s better to find a safe corner in the kitchen. The first impression he gets in the new episode “Rosins Restaurants” on Kabel Eins is devastating.

With growing disbelief, he finally culminates in sheer horror after Rosin has watched the chaos going on in the kitchen of the sports club “Das Vereinsheim” on the soccer field in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz. There, the 46-year-old landlord Jörg, once again not a trained chef, but actually an industrial clerk and honorary soccer coach, runs a regiment that is as imaginative as it is heartless. What the 46-year-old has delivered to his guests’ tables borders on bodily harm. And if you want to eat healthily after a hard workout – for example with light food or a fresh salad – you will not find anything on the burger-heavy menu!

“This is deep fryer city,” groans Frank Rosin. And indeed, the thrown-together facility in the spacious clubhouse kitchen consists primarily of dripping pans for preparing chips.

“Zero culinary standards” is the first impression. “No ghost,” says Rosin. “It’s a chip shop menu.” The restaurant professional was called by Jörg because the “club house” with its carelessly prepared calorie bombs is anything but running smoothly economically.

What Rosin witnesses behind the scenes shortly before the hastily scheduled tasting for 30 test eaters is also professional helplessness and sloppiness, which would make the Dorstener’s hair stand on end if he still had any.

The basic principle seems to follow the motto “fast-fast”. Burger patties come directly from the freezer, where they are also stored unpackaged and are therefore exposed to the risk of freezer burn, onto the grill plate.

Jörg doesn’t even let the fries thaw briefly before throwing them in the fryer. There they are maltreated until they are completely soaked with fat but no longer taste good.

What Rosin has to observe makes him almost despair. “A few years ago I would have totally torn it up,” he says, analyzing Jörg’s “kitchen chores”. The fact that a club restaurant is not a gourmet temple is irrelevant. But even when sizzling burgers, no major mistakes should be made. “It doesn’t matter what you do, you have to do it with culture.” Jörg doesn’t do anything right. It’s no wonder that the guests, who at least like the beer garden terrace in front of the restaurant that Jörg’s brother has put together, are anything but enthusiastic about the burgers.

On the contrary: the test eater’s verdict was devastating – to be expected for all viewers of the hustle and bustle in the kitchen. “It’s completely raw,” one complains about the patties that are still frozen. Disgusting burger mud. “A catastrophe.” Particularly bitter: Jörg meanwhile has no idea how big his problems are. The shock is all the deeper when Rosin conveys the guests’ verdict to him. The overall conclusion is miserable with only two out of five possible stars. It only got one star for the taste of the burgers alone. Five of the 30 test eaters only gave the “Vereinsheim” meal the frustration rating: zero stars!

And then for a moment Frank Rosin doesn’t know what to do either. He thinks host Jörg is a nice guy who shows enthusiasm and intelligence. And the 46-year-old is surrounded by a great family – with a hands-on younger brother and, above all, a 65-year-old mother who self-sacrificingly allows herself to be hired as a temporary waitress again and again.

As nice as they all are, the “club house” still has no future. “It really gets to the heart,” complains Frank Rosin. “Gastronomically, they have no idea about howling and blowing.” He would have to start with “Bees and Blossoms”. But is it even worth it? Rosin can’t even remember when he ever experienced such a complete failure. “I’m about to tell you to just leave it alone,” he says to Jörg.

In fact, the absolute low point has been reached. Another rescue mission that has to be aborted? Should the innkeeper, who put everything on one card and obviously did everything wrong, really quickly look for a new job?

Rosin hadn’t counted on the sportsmanship in youth coach Jörg. He takes the low blow to heart, thinks for a long time – and then straightens himself up inside. Now more than ever, is his motto. And off we go to hard school, in Frank Rosin’s basic training for modern, healthy, smart cooking – with fresh, surprising ingredients.

The good thing about it: the host, who previously seemed so stubborn, is really inquisitive. And he likes the burger variants from Rosin and the original salad creations with pomegranate seeds. “I didn’t want to stop eating.”

Something that has been neglected so far is now being taught: the joy of experimentation in the kitchen. When Frank Rosin reveals his secret chilli recipe, the Ruhrpott master chef even sounds like Chancellor Scholz. The court needs “boom”. And that’s what a pinch of coffee in a pot delivers!

The enthusiasm with which Rosin cooks and with which he passes on his knowledge is contagious. And the restaurant rescuer also seems to be flourishing. “He does it as if he rediscovers his job every day,” enthuses Jörg about his master.

When master builder Flo from Austria also replaces the old appliances in the kitchen, some of which look like a museum and, above all, consume electricity, and carefully but effectively sets beautification accents in the guest room, there is no longer any reason to be afraid: the previously so tormented guests should put the original new methods of preparation and the revised menu through their paces. Lo and behold: Rosin’s recipes work! “Nice taste,” the test eaters rejoice. “A difference like day and night.”

And they announce that they will return to the “club home” regularly. It couldn’t have gone better, which is also expressed in a fantastic grade for Jörg and his team, which has been supplemented by new professional service staff: 4.5 out of five possible stars! Ultimately, one can only agree with the balance sheet of the reincarnated host. “Brutal madness,” rejoiced Jörg. “A great week with ups and downs – and with a happy ending”.

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