In the sixth episode of DSDS, there was almost a second “through noodle gate”. This time, however, there was no big scandal and left room for the jurors to prove themselves: Pietro Lombardi stretched out on the dance floor and Bohlen gave survival tips for the singing business.

Dieter Bohlen has probably sat out his “through pasta gate” for the moment. Even if it is not entirely clear how the excitement about the jury’s verdict could affect the RTL plans with the “Pop-Titan” beyond the near end of DSDS. Meanwhile, the current season of the outgoing show institution continues. Episode 6 on Wednesday – casting halftime! – was a bit like taking a breath. A little relaxation was announced. But Godfather Bohlen is (also) familiar with that, as he proved to the candidate Marvin Hellwig (30) from Ratingen.

Bohlen helped him, visibly a little nervous, with breathing exercises carried out together (“Inhale: self-confidence in. Exhale: doubts out.”) to the necessary rest: Marvin sang melancholy, but like a melancholy Zeiserl, so 1 A. Because he despite stood there a little reserved with four yes votes, Dieter’s adoptive son, Pietro Lombardi (“Come out of yourself!”), animated him in spirit and briefly knotted himself into something that is said to have been a breakdance move. Marvin copied that too. Successful.

Motivation! Anyone who doesn’t bring them with them from home, such as Nancy Ceesay (19) from Hanover, who “not only wanted to win” but “tear you all off”, will have them delivered. If he is nice and personable, like Davide Disca (18) from Rheinfelden. Although he also acted as a joker, the flippant jokes threatened to get stuck in his throat in front of the microphone. “You don’t have much pressure,” said Dieter and demanded “Don’t be afraid of the chorus!” Pietro also supported here, more understandable in modern German: “You need more eggs.” Goalkeeper Titan Kahn would be proud of his imitator.

It was a show of weird candidates. The fact that Luca Valentino (23) from Menden wants to become the “very first gay Ballermann star” honors the colorful bird. But his self-composed song was not well received. Dieter: “The song sucks ..!” And Dieter didn’t want to discuss it with Luca at all. When he was talking, Dieter interrupted: “You have a hairdresser, don’t you? Then tell him all that.” Luca forgave himself: “Dieter is a cutie, he shouldn’t make you look fat. If we meet again in Malle, we’ll have a drink.”

The absolute alternative to Luca is Louis Pawellek (24) from Langenhagen. You could have already guessed that when he dragged over the shepherd Heinrich (actually Heinrich Gersmeier), notorious from farmer casting and reality formats, as his companion and vocal accompanist. It was weird when the two started the “Shepherd’s Song” – and the entire jury swayed along happily, except for Bohlen. Louis likes popular hits. “That wasn’t bad,” said Dieter in a forgiving manner, “but not what we’re looking for here. But with the Amigos, you could join as the third man.”

Back to the other optical extreme: Sophie Ramirez (24) from Düsseldorf lives for art. She studies art, she designs, tinkers, works, paints, paints. “You are art,” recognized Katja Krasavice, because she had a similarly colorful soul mate in front of her. Unfortunately she doesn’t sing that well. At least that’s what the other three judges thought. And that’s bitter. Because Sophie didn’t sound as bad as many others who successfully begged for the blue slip or were (in the past) waved to the recall by Dieter due to other stimuli. Sophie’s end was one of those moments when you can’t stand DSDS. If this great being hadn’t enlivened the format in the recall, who would?

Well, okay, the aforementioned self-proclaimed super rapper Nancy Ceesay will do it. However, in an already foreseeable annoying way. She was so arrogantly self-confident that she had rehearsed a rap song (fittingly: “Boss Bitch by Doja Cat) (and, so much time must be) presented it in an outstanding way, but also explained it frankly : “I sing when I have to.” But I don’t like it. Therefore: “I haven’t rehearsed a song.”

Which is why, because Dieter wanted to hear something “singing”, she got a bit into trouble with “Today Night” (Theo Junior). So because of the voice and the discipline that Dieter likes to demand, she was not sent to the recall. Katja: “I’m looking forward to her, there’s trouble with her, she stirs everyone up, she can’t say anything.” It’s no wonder that Dieter Bohlen was the only one who said no to “CeeY”. “You won’t get far.”

It was even tighter for the rock’n’roll missionary Dany Eschment (19) from Berlin, who was actually just looking for a platform to bring people closer to the sacred hip swing rhythm with “Great Balls Of Fire”. Because he – thanks to God’s helping hand? – Katja chose as the joker voice, he is allowed to preach again on the six-string in the recall, which he “didn’t expect at all”.

There will be no reunion with Lisa-Marie Stengel (26) from Berlin, but with Marvin Brasil (30) from Kiel and Lorent Berisha (19) from Dierikon (Switzerland). And also with Lawa Baban from Giessen. She had the prerequisite for the continuation of “Durchnudel-Gate” – the 25-year-old once, oh god no, took part in “Tempation Island” (“As a seduction!”). Whether pants or bra off, it’s all nothing for Dieter: “I don’t watch anything like that, where’s it going?” That’s how well the pop pensioner knows his station!

And Lawa’s voice was nothing for Dieter either. It’s good that the other three are a bit more modern when it comes to TV formats (Pietro: “I’m watching that!”) and more relaxed when it comes to vocal performance. After two attempts, Lawa defied the judges with a 3:1 vote per recall. Only Katja was enthusiastic after the first try: “You are very, very, very pretty. and even prettier when you sing. I celebrate you.” You can.

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