Revealed the contents of the scandalous memoirs of the former assistant to the President for homeland security.

In the United States, published a book of former Advisor for national security of the United States John Bolton, in which ex-official sheds light on the ambiguous and frankly shameful pages of the biography of Donald trump when he was President. Despite the fact that a book will be released next week, the American media got access to it in advance. “B” studied the list of sins the us President by his once-closest ally.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin during a telephone conversation in may 2019 compared the leader of the Venezuelan opposition of Juan Guido with Hillary Clinton, the candidate in US presidents from Democrats in 2016. Bolton found it “a great example of propaganda in the Soviet style”, designed to support the leader of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro. As Bolton writes, the arguments of Putin’s trump almost convinced” — these revelations are abound in the American media, who have studied the book of Bolton.

the Former national security adviser cites a comical list of “sins” of the President — for example, trump, according to Bolton, didn’t know that Britain has nuclear weapons, and at the meeting with Prime Minister Teresa may surprised asked her: “Oh, so you are a nuclear power?”.

This is not the only mention of Russia and its President. John Bolton, according to the authors of The Washington Post, “represents the impulsive, rude President who constantly opposes the American policy of deterring Russian aggression and sanctions punished Putin for his malicious behavior.” He describes the results of the summit in Helsinki in 2018, where Donald trump said that on the issue of the Russian intervention in the American elections, he believes Vladimir Putin, rather than his own intelligence.

Remembering the conversation of Donald trump with the former Minister of defence James Mattis, John Bolton indicates that the trump invited the defense Minister to give up the fight against banned terrorist group “Islamic state” at the mercy of Russia.

Vladimir Putin is not the only leader, the relationship which describes John Bolton. He recalls how the talks with XI Jinping Donald trump asked him to agree to purchases of American soybeans to earn the support of farmers and increase the chance of winning the presidential election in 2020. Overall Bolton indicates that Donald trump often tried to win the approval of authoritarian leaders, and these leaders “had the joyous American President was trying to manipulate him, playing on his obsessions”. One example is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who tried to convince Donald trump of the innocence of one of the Turkish companies against which conducted the investigation by American prosecutors. “Trump told Erdogan that will solve the issue, but explained that prosecutors in the southern district — it’s not his guys, and the guys Obama, but the problem will be solved when they replace it with guys,” writes Bolton, admitting that he was shocked by this response.

However, it is worth noting that the President didn’t hide it: he merely pointed out that, from his point of view, the investigation of hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, meets American interests, not his own.

Recall that due that, Democrats controlled the House of representatives has passed the President’s impeachment, but the Senate President was acquitted. John Bolton indicates that if investigators do not focus on only one of the Ukrainian episode, they would be more likely to achieve your goal.

In General, former national security Advisor describes a constant internal bickering between teammates, who fought for a place under the sun, while behind mocking the President. Describing meeting Donald trump with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN in 2018, John Bolton recalls that during the negotiations, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo handed him a note that read “Holy fool” — so the head of the diplomatic Department allegedly described President. Regarding the content of negotiations, according to John Bolton, Donald Trump was not matter to them — he supposedly wanted to make the negotiations powerful PR, and the content of the transaction on nuclear disarmament he was not interested.

“Briefings on national security was useless because most of the time had to listen to trump, rather than those briefings,” says ex-adviser, admitting that the President so often saying things that are not relevant to the truth that he had to make special marks in the book about his phrases.

“His mind is an archipelago of points (like real estate transactions), and we had to decipher a political idea or to invent him. This had both advantages and disadvantages”, they summed up the morale of President John Bolton.

the Book is “the Room where it all happened: a memoir about the White house” needs to go on sale in the U.S. on Tuesday, June 23. The U.S. Department of justice filed a lawsuit against John Bolton, demanding to postpone publication, as the book contains classified information, however, to achieve its goal, the plaintiffs have almost no chance.

Alexey Naumov