Trump said that he sees no sense in the regular briefings on coronavirus

In the past two months, they are in the White house almost daily.

WASHINGTON, April 26. /TASS/. Held in the White house with the participation of the President of the United States Donald trump, officials of high rank, and experts regular briefings on the situation of the novel coronavirus is not worth the effort, if the media distort the statements of the speakers. This opinion was expressed by the American leader on Saturday, posting a message on his Twitter page.

“what’s the point press conferences at the White house [on the coronavirus] when lying media is to be asked only of hostile questions and then refuse to tell the truth or accurate facts. They get record ratings as Americans get only false news. Are worth the time and effort!” — wrote the President.

on Friday, the portal Axios announced that trump might reduce its involvement in White house regular briefings on the situation with coronavirus. According to him, the head of the Washington administration may cease to appear at each of these press conferences and in the case of participation may reduce their presence. So, on Friday, the head of state did not answer the questions, and on Saturday and not met with the press.

For the last two months of briefings on the coronavirus are in the White house almost daily. The main theme of this ongoing sometimes more than two hours of activities — the fight against the coronavirus, but often, they also deal with other issues. The first few such briefings took place without the participation of trump, but he soon began to appear on each of them.

As noted by Axios, a trump advisers urge him to stop the practice. In their opinion, too frequent appearance in the White house briefings, in particular, is bad for its ratings.