On Twitter share Trump an encouraging påskebesked. Meanwhile, warn the health authorities about, for quick reopening.

U.s. governors and health professionals warn against a rapid opening of major societal functions in the UNITED states.

Meanwhile, is president of Donald Trumps previous goal of a re-opening for easter passed.

the Goal, after the wide criticism was dropped, and as Trump has since called a “hope”, is now replaced with a desire for a re-opening around the beginning of may.

the UNITED states’death toll has in recent days passed the 20,000 – doubling in a week.

In a påskebesked to the nation, which is captured on video and widely circulated on Twitter, reiterates Trump, hoping that the various injunctions and restrictions of freedom of movement will soon have an end.

– Right now we keep our distance. We put an end to the plague, says Trump.

– But we win battle, we win the war. We come back in the churches – right next to each other.

Anthony Fauci, director of The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases in the UNITED states and one of the Trumps advisors during the coronakrisen, has warned against believing that there is a moment where it can just “turn on switch” again.

In the best case is 30. april, a time when one can start to consider to ease some of the restrictions, he says.

– We hope that in the end of the month can look around us and say: “Ok, there is one or another element, as we safely and with caution can start to roll back,” he says in the CNN-broadcast State of the Union.

– If this is how we do it. If not, we continue as now.

the Risk of a too rapid re-opening is that a new wave of infection occurs.

Even though Trump often speaks on the subject, he did not immediately have the power to open shops, schools and other institutions.

most of The decisions lies with the governors and mayors scattered all over the UNITED states.

on Sunday stressed the more that you have to wait and see what happens.

– Any form of economic re-opening depends on, first of all, to the health care system comes up completely, says the governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy in the CBS program Face the Nation.

– If we do things in the wrong order or re-opens too early, I fear, on the basis of the data that we pour gasoline on the fire, says Murphy.