New test and increased production of respirators are among the items on the UNITED states’president’s daily press conference on the virus.

Over a million americans have been tested for coronaviruses.

It says a president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, at his daily news conference on the virus late Monday night local time.

Trump refers to the number of test “a milestone”. He calls at the same time that the americans continue to keep a distance through the whole of april in order to prevent the infection spreading.

– Each and every one of has a role to play in this game in order to win the war. Every citizen, family and business can make a difference to stop the virus.

– It is our common duty. It becomes challenging 30 days that lie ahead of us, but it is also very important 30 days, says Trump.

Like several other countries, the UNITED states has introduced restrictions to reduce the risk of contamination. Among other things, calls on many american states citizens to stay at home.

Guidelines will remain as they are. You may perhaps even intensified, says Trump.

Sunday extended Trump the guidelines to 30. april. He estimated at the same time, that is, two weeks before the epidemic peak.

During the press conference Monday, he also check on the u.s. production of respirators will grow.

the Production will increase sufficiently to supply other countries, including Spain and Italy, who are hard hit by the coronaviruspandemien.

the President also says that work is being done to produce new test.

At the press conference, he opens one of the test kits from a laboratory by the name of Abbott. According to Trump the tests can provide answers in the course of five minutes.

It is planned that the production of the test should be scaled so that the tests can be sent to all the states in the UNITED states, say Trump.