president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, says on Sunday that prince Harry and Meghan even have to pay for protection in the UNITED states.

It will write the president on Twitter on Sunday.

The royal couple flew from their new home in Canada to Los Angeles in the UNITED states for allegedly to live there permanently, just before the borders were closed between the two countries due to coronavirusset.

“I’m a good friend and admirer of the queen (Elizabeth II, red.) and the united kingdom.”

“It was described that Harry and Meghan, who left the Uk, would move permanently to Canada. Now they have left Canada for the UNITED states, but the UNITED states will not pay for their security. They must pay!” writes Donald Trump on Twitter.

A spokesman for the royal couple later said in a press release, that the couple did not intend to ask the UNITED states for money.

“the Duke and duchess of Sussex has no plans to ask the u.s. government for funds for the protection. Privatbetalt protection has been arranged,” writes a spokesperson.

Earlier this year it emerged that Harry and Meghan – the duke and duchess of Sussex – deprived of the titles and roles that they have completed as part of the royal family, and that they waive their apanage.

Harry, who is the late princess Diana’s youngest son, said that he wanted to live a more peaceful and independent life.

Prince Harry and Meghan will come back from their royal duties 31. march.

Meghan grew up in Los Angeles, where her mother still lives.