president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, is considering to shut down New York and the surrounding area is temporarily down.

he says to reporters Saturday, as he leaves The White House in order to travel to Norfolk, Virginia.

Trump says that he is considering to ban travel into and out of the New York city area to limit the spread of coronavirus from its us epicenter, New York City.

– We are considering a variety of initiatives. Some people would like to see New York being put in quarantine, because it is a hotspot. It is not safe, we are going to have it.

– But there is a possibility that at some stage we introduce a short-term quarantine of two weeks in New York, says Trump, according to The Guardian.

– I would prefer not to do it, but we might have to it.

the Announcement comes after the death toll as a result of the virus have passed the 2000 nationwide in the UNITED states.

As the death toll has more than doubled in just three days, will Trump may therefore impose the state of New York, parts of the neighbouring states New Jersey and Connecticut, a quarantine.

It must be done in order to protect other states that have not yet taken the worst of the shock.

– They have problems down in Florida. Many new yorkers are affected. We do not want it, ” says Trump to reporters, according to news agency Reuters.

In the meantime, says New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, that he has not heard anything about any quarantine.

I have spoken with the president of the naval vessel that comes, and the four places (in New York, where authorities are considering the establishment of hospital facilities’, red.). I did not speak with him for any quarantine, says Cuomo Saturday at a news conference, according to The Guardian.

– No, I have not had the conversations. I don’t even know what it means, he adds.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, who continuously update the smittetilfælde and deaths throughout the world, the UNITED states is now the country in the world with the most infected.

on the Night of Sunday, Danish time is that registered nearly 120,000 people in the UNITED states.