At a pressekonferrence in the night extended Donald Trump the UNITED states’emergency up to 30. april. And the president stated that if ‘only’ the 100,000 americans died of the coronavirus, it would mean that he and the government had done a really good job.

“If we had not responded so quickly and skillfully, as we did, so that could be up to 2.2 million americans have lost their lives to this terrible disease,” said Trump.

the press conference in the garden behind The White House lasted an hour and a half. And it was one of the most heated and emotional in Trumps career as president.

Thus, argued the president, once again with the press. He accused several governors to lie about the number of ventilators, the order from the federal government. He called Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer for her the lady from Michigan’. And the Washington state governor Jay Inslee got the Trump-stamped ‘a snake’, a snake – a expression, the american mafia would use on a person who does not obey the boss.

“It is an absurd situation,” said CNN host Wolf Blitzer.

“Out in our country die people in large number. It will get much worse before it gets better, and instead of looking to comfort people use our president the time to pig political opponents.”

According to a new poll conducted by Gallup is around 60 percent of the american voters satisfied with the way Donald Trump tackles the crisis.

And it certainly has not escaped the Trumps attention. In a series of tweets before the press conference wrote the president as follows: “My ratings are on a par with ‘the Bachelor’-the finale (a realityshow, red.) and the big football matches. The lame media freak up.”

At the press conference was the chief corona-the expert in The White House, dr. Anthony Fauci, also the word.

the Doctor, who has been fighting both aids and ebola, reiterated that millions of americans could become ill, and somewhere between the 100,000 and 200,000 americans realistic would die of coronavirussen, before the epidemic was over.

yesterday was over 139.000 americans tested positive for covid-19. The death toll in the UNITED states exceeded Sunday to 2,400. According to the researchers at the Johns Hopkins University is the real number of sick americans is much higher, as kæmpelandet still do not have sufficient testing available.

worldwide 710.000 infected by coronavirussen. And the global number of deaths passed yesterday 33.000.