the US President Donald trump called on some journalists to abandon the Pulitzer prize received earlier. So he turned to the authors of the articles that talked about the ties of the administration of the American leader with the Russian authorities and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“When these fake journalists who received undue Pulitzer prize for history about Russia, Russia, Russia and the fake impeachment, are going to return their tainted rewards that it can give real journalists, who all correctly understood and formulated,” said the US President in your Twitter account.

According to trump, he knows the names of these journalists and is ready to provide them. Earlier, the us leader noted that the authors are “crooks” who got it all wrong. According to him, the organizing Committee of the Pulitzer prize “will be disgraced” as long as they don’t take the rewards back.

he was Probably talking about the prize, awarded in April 2018 in the category “National news”. Then the American newspaper The Washington Post and The New York Times got a Pulitzer for series of articles about the “Russian interference” in the US presidential election in 2016.

In the list of articles it includes a few about Michael Flynn, former adviser to trump national security in the White house. Lieutenant General retired was accused of withholding the content of his conversations with Sergey Kislyak, former Ambassador of Russia in the United States. The criminal case against Flynn about his possible secret ties with Russia closed only at the beginning of may 2020. Trump soon after, promised to punish all who stood the trial.