Canadian truckers rebut Trudeau’s portrayal of their industry

OTTAWA (Ontario) – Canadian truckers felt vilified by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s portrayal, they told Fox News.

Andy Wing, a trucker, said that he found it disgusting for any leader to denigrate people for exercising their democratic right, their right of protest, and the right to demonstrate peacefully.

For nearly two weeks, Canadian truckers protested in Ottawa calling for an end of the government’s vaccination mandate for trans-border truckers. Trudeau demanded that protests cease on Monday. This was a day after Ottawa’s mayor declared in a state emergency.

“People of Ottawa shouldn’t be harassed in their neighborhoods. They don’t have to face the inherent violence of a flag flying on a street corner, a swastika or insults and jeers simply because they are wearing masks. Trudeau told the House of Commons that this is not Canadians.

Adrien De Medeiros (a trucker) said that Trudeau’s portrayal of them was funny because he calls them terrorists and yet there are six-year-old children playing hockey here. We have four to five bouncy castles, and hundreds of children playing in them during the weekend.
tweeted Monday, “Canadians are entitled to protest, to disagree and to express their opinions… But, let’s be honest: They don’t have the right blockade our economy or our democracy or the daily lives of our fellow citizens. It must stop.”

Fox News’ Wing said that Wing supports peaceful protest but only when it is not consistent with his beliefs or the narrative he wants people following.

Wing said that Trudeau should “come out to talk to us” and echo his brother-in law trucker. We’re only asking for that. We aren’t trying to overthrow government. We aren’t trying to destroy democracy. We’re following democracy.”

Another trucker felt that the Freedom Convoy was not accurately depicted.

He said, “It’s terrible.”

He continued, “All the thank you notes and little children… it’s one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen come together across Canada,” he said.