Last night Judith Rakers had a breakdown live on the “Tagesschau” at 8 p.m. She started the show with the wrong message and had to improvise in front of an audience of millions.

The announcers of the “Tagesschau” are the epitome of seriousness when they read out the news at 8 p.m. in the evening, which is followed by an average of over ten million people in Germany. But despite all professionalism, mistakes can of course also happen here. Everyone involved had to find out about this in yesterday’s issue (February 1). Right at the beginning of the show there was a mistake that presenter Judith Rakers (47) had to iron out live.

Even with the first report, the words and the picture shown behind her did not match. Rakers said: “The US group Wolfspeed is also relying on such subsidies for a new chip factory that is to be built in Ensdorf, Saarland.” But instead of a picture from the Saarland town, a photo of Ursula von der Leyen was visible behind Rakers and stayed there for 20 seconds, which the announcer didn’t notice. She continued to report details about the planned chip factory until the photo of the EU Commission President disappeared behind her and she named the mistake.

“I just heard that’s the wrong report. We didn’t want to start the show with that. We wanted to start with the EU subsidies for green technology,” explains Rakers calmly and confidently. After looking at her moderation cards, she finds the common thread again and reads out the message that was actually planned. Only with “EU” does she get muddled for a moment, but completely keeps her composure.

With “So, and now we come to the US group” she then leads to the message with which she erroneously started. Of course, this mishap has not escaped the notice of users on Twitter either. One user wrote: “Oh. Ms. Rakers’ teleprompter must have become self-sufficient.” But above all, the praise for the speaker’s confident reaction outweighed the negative. “Sensational, like Judith

Of course, that was by no means the first glitch in the long history of the show. In 2000, voice actress Susanne Daubner (61) was surprised in the studio by a cleaning lady who greeted her with a friendly “Good morning”. In 2021, ex-“Tagesschau” spokeswoman Linda Zervakis (47) needed many attempts to pronounce the name of football coach Pep Guardiola (52). Mistakes are human, and Judith Rakers is far from the only one who suffers from them from time to time.

Not only Steffen Hallaschka was surprised by this action. When he was interviewing the new jungle queen, Djamila Rowe, a stranger suddenly interrupted the conversation. But the moderator reacts confidently.

In the sixth episode of DSDS, there was almost a second “through noodle gate”. This time, however, there was no big scandal and left room for the jurors to prove themselves: Pietro Lombardi stretched out on the dance floor and Bohlen gave survival tips for the singing business.

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