The traffic light coalition still cannot agree on the nuclear power reserve proposed by Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens). A cabinet decision planned for Monday was not made, the Federal Ministry of Economics informed the AFP news agency on Monday. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” had previously reported on it.

Habeck had proposed allowing the use of the nuclear power plants Isar 2 in Bavaria and Neckarwestheim 2 in Baden-Württemberg until mid-April 2023 at the latest. To do this, the Atomic Energy Act and the Energy Industry Act must be amended. According to the current legal situation, all three German nuclear power plants that are still in operation – the third is the Emsland nuclear power plant in Lower Saxony – will be taken off the grid at the end of the year.

There was “a clear understanding with the coalition partners” that “despite different perspectives, this draft law on the operational reserve should be brought through the cabinet this Monday,” the ministry said when asked by AFP. “Due to political disagreements, however, this agreement was withdrawn. As a result, the tight schedule for the procedure cannot be kept, which was communicated to the operators today.”

The FDP contradicts Habeck and is pushing for all three remaining German nuclear power plants to continue operating until 2024 – party leader and finance minister Christian Lindner reaffirmed this on Monday. “Further steps are necessary to guarantee security of supply and expand the range of available electricity,” says Lindner. In the course of the nuclear phase-out, it was actually intended that the last German nuclear power plants would be taken off the grid at the end of the year.

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The delay is “a problem if you want Isar 2 to still produce electricity in 2023,” warned the Ministry of Economic Affairs. “The repairs to the nuclear power plant must be carried out promptly, the nuclear power plant operators need clarity.” The ministry “continues to work for solutions, otherwise you will be there without Isar 2 due to delays,” warned the Habeck department.

A valve leak was discovered in the nuclear power plant. It would probably have to be repaired by October at the latest, because the reactor core would then no longer have enough reactivity to be able to start up the nuclear power plant again with the existing fuel elements.

The cabinet decision on the so-called operational reserve had already been expected for October 5, but did not take place at the time. Now another appointment has been made.

Professor Rüdiger Bachmann has proposed a form of gas price cap that could bring hundreds of euros to households and save the country large amounts of gas. Will politics implement them? The economist remains cautious.

The expert commission on gas and heat “successfully” completed its exam early Monday morning after around 35 hours. This was announced by the Federal Ministry of Economics in Berlin. “The Commission has drawn up a series of recommendations for the federal government and passed them unanimously.”

The days of falling fuel prices are over for the time being: within a week, diesel has gone up by 11 cents per liter. Super petrol also increased significantly, as the ADAC announced on Monday.

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