As a member and co-founder of “pharmacists without borders”, the 46-Year-old already at the time of disasters around the world – for example, in 2001, after an earthquake in India, after the Tsunami of Christmas 2004 in Southeast Asia, according to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, 2013, following the Typhoon in the Philippines and even in Ebola-affected areas.

“of Course, this is just another emergency-level, but we need to improvise a lot – similar to in crisis-hit areas,” he says in an interview with FOCUS Online. His experience, he can bring in good in the everyday work in Jarmen.

Many medicines are with prescription

Portugal is angry that it is the result of scaremongering to shortages in medicines, such as Paracetamol. “Not only will the customer go and buy everything empty, but also colleagues in the camp. So bottlenecks are created, which should actually be no.“ Currently, Paracetamol-replacement products for children and suppositories are, for example, scarce. Much of Portugal and his Team to sell now only on prescription – for those who really need it, because it’s bad for you. So you want to prevent that the shortage will increase. FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

“The Alternative is that pharmacists begin again medication itself. The most we have at the moment we still have enough in stock, but disinfectants, we produce already since 14 days.“ For Portugal, using a recipe from the WHO, which is also used in emergency operations in crisis areas. Normally, the production is subject to strict regulations, but in the Corona-crisis German pharmacists are allowed to self-restore “biocidal products for the hygienic hand disinfection”.

The Federal chemicals to the relevant EU regulation has, for the time being until the 31. August overridden. Portugal and his Team want to support, especially hospitals and doctor’s offices. “You have to look all the time for Alternatives and creative this is reminiscent of the experience from crisis areas,” says the pharmacist.

“luckily it’s not every Infected of life and death”

Despite the further tightening of the situation in Portugal remains calm: “We have a pandemic, but the disease is relatively harmless in comparison to, for example, Ebola. There it went for us in the use of each Infected of life and death. This is the case, we don’t have to happiness. And in my opinion, the Federal government has to manage the really good handle on the Situation. No need to be distressed, as this is really necessary.“

people really Worried and afraid, recommends the pharmacist to stay as far as possible at home. Anyone can control a little how much he is upset and how he dealt with the Situation the best. to be able to

in order To continue operations, has divided Portugal Team in the two layers. Five colleagues from work always at the same time, the other five, together with the other layer. Thus, if one is infected, not the entire Team in quarantine must and you can get the supply.

people should rely on local pharmacies – Smile helps all the

Anywhere in the pharmacy posters that explain the right behavior in the current Situation, to hang, there are spacers and plexiglass discs protect against droplet infection. “At the beginning, many customers had no understanding and thought it was all exaggerated. But in the meantime, have viewed the most and stick with it – even if you have to wait in front of the pharmacy“, says the pharmacist. I need help I want to help

The people he recommends to rely on local partners and pharmacies in your own area to visit. The pharmacists know their customers and could also respond to their needs. Right now, it is important to strengthen these trust structures. “We try to maintain the supply, and should reward the people. Because we, like other a health risk.“

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What used to be a “goodbye”, today is a particularly friendly Smile of many customers. “‘Stay healthy’ is an inspiring word”, says the pharmacist. Many customers in Portugal and his Team to learn a special warmth. And that helps all of you, keep going. 9-year-old Isabelle belongs to the risk group – mother has an important message to all of us PCP 9-year-old Isabelle belongs to the risk group – mother has an important message to us all