The last episode of the cult of the dead series begins with a dead body.

kind of Makes sense. After almost 35 years in the ARD series “Lindenstraße delivery on Sunday” for the last Time. Thus, a television-Era comes to an end. The 1758. Episode is called “goodbye”. How the series should go to the end, up to the end of a mystery.

▶︎IMAGE files to the end of the ARD cult series after 35 years.

The storyline

Anna Ziegler (played by Irene Fischer, 60) kneels to the beginning of the last “Linden street”Episode, next to the dead Wolf Lohmeier (played by Martin Müller-Reisinger, 51). The slipped and fell two floors into the depth. But first of all, no one can confirm. Also Helga Stewart (Marie-Luise Marjan, 79) will see the fall up close, you will not see the cause but.

Because of the death Lohmeiers is unclear, Anna Ziegler first to Suspect. However, you will soon be relieved of the DOE as well as Angelina Dressler (Daniela Bette, 39). Good – because now the neighborhood without bad shadow on the Party, the 80 can. Birthday of Helga Stewart celebrate (by the way, also Marjan itself is in August, so old).

Dramatic scenes: Ana Ziegler is arrested!Photo: WDR/Steven Mahner

The feel-good moments

at the end of the German longest series mutates again to the crime. But with the greatest possible reconciliation in the end!

Although is was the search for the supposedly last a murderer (criminal offender’s in the “Linden street”story, Yes, Hauf), much too quickly solved. But this is for the Fans in this Finale is likely to anyway be of secondary importance. Because the spectators wanted to revel in those 35 minutes – and did series inventor Hans W. geißendörfer (78) and his Team are all too eager to please.

Not only that, the two biggest stand against the game – Helga Stewart and Anna Ziegler – the focus again and in the end even in the arms. Also various other iconic characters yet to be shown once. First of all, in the series of 2018, deceased, Hans, Mary Gordon (Joachim Hermann Luger, 76), the “his” Helga visited again at the grave and begins to smile in Harry-Potter-style on an old photo suddenly wide, as his two women embrace.