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Koronasmitte and fear of disease have set the world on its head. The ongoing national dugnaden goes not only to stay indoors and away from the cabin.

throughout the country there is a call smittevernutstyr, and enterprises and private individuals with useful equipment are requested to contribute.

the Lack of surgical masks and coats has sent many a doe to his 3D printer, and also down in the syskrinet.

Dugnaden how to make equipment at home is great. At the same time one must be aware of the fact that it sews at home is not approved smittevernutstyr, says the head of the Sykepleierforbundet in Nordland, Gertrude Krokaa.

– Do not think that one is safe

Many make homemade face mask. Several make use of old linens.

Photo: Private

Several municipalities have reached out a hand to the private.

When the Bardu municipality asked for help to get sewn beskyttelsesmasker of the service, a short time passed before the local population lined up with sewing machines.

– We have been afraid that the homemade smittevernutstyr to create a sense of security. It’s false, ” says Krokaa.

– In a smittesituasjon this type of equipment say that they just as well could have been without.

health Authorities have been given an overview of how much smittevernutstyr we have available in this country, but it is secret.

Read also: the Norwegian directorate of Health sorry the reason for the secrecy – Just as well, without

This week, said health minister Bent Tall (H) to the NTB that the Norway now has received several large shipments of smittevernutstyr, and that we are in a different situation than for a short time ago.

Newly arrived, among others, a delivery of several tons of smittevernutstyr to Norway after weeks of hard work.

But are they that sew a face mask at home aware of what the equipment they produce can protect against, and in what situations it does not work?

– I’ve heard people say that as long as the equipment is made of fabric that can be cooked, it is okay. But you are in a situation with real koronasmitte, does not protect homemade equipment, ” says Krokaa.

Angelique Jarhelle in Bodø sew a face mask she donating to those who need it.

Photo: Private Wish that people donate to the health care system

One who has thrown herself on the dugnaden is Angelique Jarhelle in Bodø.

She is laid off from the job, and besides, to use the time-say on the kids and house and man, syr, she a face mask.

I was just trying to help, ” says Jarhelle to the newspaper BodøBy.

She is in many sygrupper on Facebook. Where she has seen many who have sewn surgical masks to people in the risikosoner.

I would not be on, because there is so much uncertainty around how much it could help. But then I saw some that gave all their hjemmesydde a face mask to a vet, which, again, could donate all his smitteverngodkjente surgical masks for the health care system, and thought that it we can and get to, ” she says to NRK.

Jarhelle do not earn money, but donates what she makes. She says she tries to keep herself updated and pay attention.

When private contacts me and wants to buy what I make, I refer to the Norwegian institute of public health that discourages the use of surgical masks in general, and especially home-made that is not approved.

Had to treat patients without a face mask – feared infection Old duvet cover

Norwegian institute of public health does not believe there is any reason to believe that the general use of the face mask prevents the koronasmitte.

Jarhelle have made around 20 in a couple of days, and says that it goes instantly when you first get started.

I stock of old duvet covers in cotton. They can be washed at 90 degrees. Munnbindene is donated to the vets, taxi drivers would and the Church city mission.

Jarhelle says she and several others are ready to make more smittevernutstyr.

– Anyone who needs equipment that is not smitteverngodkjent can contact us for booking. So they can donate their smitteverngodkjente equipment to the health care system.

Here arrive many tons of smittevernutstyr the Airport after several weeks of work.

Photo: DHL – Continue to sew

Gertrude Krokaa emphasizes that the sewing equipment at home, need to continue with it.

the Equipment can be used in situations where you do not suspect infection or have a real infection, and in situations where one does not need sterile treatment.

By regular sårstell and common disease, for example, when one wants to spare the patient and themselves. But when it is said, one must be aware that in situations with real koronasmitte, there is no help in it. It will not be good enough.

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