1. Nailed it! – Season 4

release date: 1. April 2020

cooking shows, in which the Participants fight for the best recipe, there are as the Sand of the sea. However, the show “Nailed It!” deviates from this standard shipments. Different home bakers and bakers have to bake a complicated baked goods, usually, a richly decorated cake. The goal is to come to the masterpiece as close as possible. Easier said than done, because most of the Experiments in hilarious results. A Jury of three decides who is allowed to take the prize money of 10’000 US dollars home with them.

2. Sunderland ‘Til I die – season 2

release date: 1. April 2020

In this documentary series, it comes to the English football club A. F. C. Sunderland and the relegation from the Premier League. The series offers a unique insight behind the Scenes of the deep-rooted tradition of Association. Of medicine checks, personal interviews, up to the players and change of coach, everything is possible. The focus of the search and negotiation for a new Investor to help the club out of its financial distress is also.

In the second season is about to save the A. F. C. Sunderland from financial Ruin and from the third League of English football to come out again.

3. The house of the money – season 4

release date: 3. April 2020

The success of the series, from Spain, returns with new episodes. In the first three seasons, we were able to watch the Professor and his Team excited, as they led one of the largest robberies in Spain by. However, not everything went as planned. The Team had to come in the third season, with the consequences clearly. It was necessary to rearrange and expand the Team to some new players.

to extend In the fourth season of the newly planned robbery seems to be anything other than smoothly. Rio and Tokyo blew up a tank in the air, while Nairobi hovering between life and death. The Professor tried once more, his troop together, and, even under these difficult conditions to carry out a successful Coup.

4. Brews Brothers – season 1

release date: 10. April 2020

In the “Brews Brothers” want to turn the brothers Wilhelm and Adam Rodman is their love for beer into a business. Together, they take over a brewery and want to produce the best Beers. However, the two brewmaster could not be more different. Often you are not able to agree on the procedure and got all the time in the hair. To make your companies in spite of everything successful, you need to find a way to work together.

5. The Innocence Project justice for Justice


release date: 15. April 2020

This series tells the true story of eight miscarriages of Justice in the United States that were uncovered by a non-profit organization called the “Innocence Project”. In the center of the eight personal stories that illuminate the serious flaws in the American criminal justice system. It quickly becomes clear that such errors are destroyed on the side of justice, not only the life of the accused, but also their families and the victims of crime in a sustainable way.

6. Fauda – season 3

release date: 16. April 2020

“Fauda” is about an Undercover elite unit of the Israeli military, whose agent, as a Palestinian disguised in the West Bank are on the go. Your task is to collect information, to kidnap people or to even kill. However, agents are often self-torn beings, who are fighting not only against the world, but also with himself.

The third season takes place in the Gaza strip and Doron poking after months of investigation, on the trail of a Hamas leader, is on the wanted list of the Shin Bet at the very top.

7. After Life – season 2

release date: 24. April 2020

This black Comedy of comedian Ricky Gervais (58) is of Tony, who has just lost his wife – and with her perfect life. The by Gervais himself shown, Tony is angry at himself and the world and no longer sees the point in it, to behave to the social norms accordingly. He says what he wants, does what he wants and doesn’t care about anything more. In the meantime, try the people in his environment, to bring him back on the right track – to his Miss.