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Sweden’s line in the fight against koronapandemien have attracted attention. While Norway has closed schools, gyms and swimming pools and introduced hytteforbud and severe restrictions of food and beverage options, are Swedish measures far less extensive.

Dødstallet has now passed 100, informs the Swedish health authorities.

the ministry of Health has decided that the health professionals who work with patient care are prohibited from travelling abroad.

But as long as it’s not taken a position on what should happen with the long-standing collaboration on emergency medical assistance across the border.

the Agreement is a part of the so-called NORDRED-agreement – a redningssamarbeid between the five nordic countries.

Narvik municipality has for many years had a close cooperation with Kiruna municipality in Sweden.

Pluck out across the border

today is the home Guard guarding the state border at Narvik.

Photo: Jonny Karlsen / Norwegian Armed forces

It is the Norwegian health personnel and fire fighters who rush out in the event of serious incidents in the border areas on the Swedish side of the border.

As when a minibus overturned on the E10 in Abisko in Swedish Norrbotten, and one person died last fall.

At the state Border are several hytteområder, shops, resorts and hotels on the Swedish side.

from Here it is a 40 minute car ride to the hospital in Narvik. On the Swedish side is located the nearest hospital in Kiruna, and it is two hours away.

In addition missing the hospital in Kiruna, the acute and traumeberedskapen that we have at the hospital in Narvik.

the Norwegian health care professionals concerned about

It takes 40 minutes from the state Border to the University hospital of North Norway, Narvik.

Photo: NRK

Now is the Norwegian health personnel concerned if anything should happen on the other side of the border.

the Concern goes on, the measures Sweden and Norway have done so usynkrone, says kommuneoverlege Sverre Håkon Evju the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

Soon it will be easter, and then it will be close to fully occupancy on cabins and hotels in the popular area.

Swedish media will be visiting Norway to report on the closed boundaries and schools

– We know that by the large resorts close to the border are more or less normal activity, while on the Norwegian side have closed down, ” says Evju.

Fear the increased risks of infection

Cooperation in emergency care between Health in the North and the health authorities in Northern Sweden have been around for many years.

Kommuneoverlegen in Narvik emphasizes that he wants to continue to help good neighbors in the east.

– We have a very good cooperation and we shall assist them in the same way we have done in the past. But there are some challenges when it comes to smittetiltak.

the time factor is critical in case of serious events.

By heart attack, stroke, blood poisoning and accidents must ambulansearbeiderne and the doctors do what they should. And after koronautbruddet we have very good smitterutiner in the ambulance, ” says Evju.

What they have in Sweden, he is more unsure of.

They should follow suit with the same strict measures that Norway and Denmark have, ” says Evju.

He hopes, however, he won’t have to say no to the swedes.

We relate to it as is the current agreement between the Health North and the North-Sweden to assist with emergency care.

Lifted up to the inter-governmental

Now Narvik municipality lifted this up at county level and inter-governmental.

” We expect that this is something that will be considered and dealt with further. We will of course be happy to assist when it comes to acute events, and I think there must be some exceptions when it comes to akuttbereskap, ” says Evju.

medical director Geir Tollåli in Health North.

Photo: Adrian Dahl Johansen / NRK

medical director Geir Tollåli in Health in the North says that the health authorities are aware of the issue.

– We are aware of this situation. The case is lifted up on high national level for clarification in cooperation with the Swedish authorities. Health the North in the near future have a meeting with the management in Vesterbotten and Norrbotten, says Tollåli.

NRK has today been in contact with the ministry of Health. Currently it has not succeeded to get a clear answer on how the Norwegian utrykningspersonell to deal with it.


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