Memes are images that are composed of text and photos. They are made to be fun, and spread quickly on the internet.

– the Memes that make koronatiden, there are many of now, ” says cultural historian Line Esborg that has accumulated on the memes page 2017.

– They spread quickly via social media and get us to laugh at many of the challenges we now stand in, ” she adds.

Now collecting she on the so-called koronamemes for posterity, so that we can remember the stereotypical situations we are in easier. Memene should be filed in English Folkeminnesamling.

When Norway was closed and hamstringen occurred, took many of the memene starting point in dorullhamstringen.

And now there are many of them.

Home office, the hamstring and the fear of disease and infection. Memene is based on these recognisable everyday challenges. Now they can also more easily shared with people across national borders, because large parts of the population in the world has the same challenges.

Esborg pulls forward a good example.

You must know the context for that meme to be funny. Now that most trades mostly about korona-most will be familiar with the context.

Photo: Line Esborg

– When Norway was closed and hamstringen occurred, took many of the memene starting point in dorullhamstringen.

She refrer to a specific meme she thinks is funny.

Memen plays on the fear all had to run out of toilet paper, and is a variant of a picture that is circulating on the hagesider – namely, how one can heal avokadoplanter from avokadostein (and not dorull).

Need humor in everyday life

The first koronamemene was about hamstringen, then it went over to the home office-humor, and now they are linked to “fat-shaming”.

– Many joking that they put on themselves by being at home so much.

And now, it is expected many memes that play on the crisis that we don’t get dragged to the barber.

FACSIMILE: 29. march 2020 Aftenposten. Ad in Aftenposten that plays on humor.

Photo: Facsimile / Aftneposten

Also, companies and organizations have started to use memes. Norwegian grocery store chains, including the Kiwi and the Menu made an ad for Aftenposten “Handlevett rules”, where they play on the “mountain code” as the whole of Norway have knowledge of.

– You also need to laugh it off, which is scary, ” says cultural historian, who believe it can do such emergencies as we are now more manageable.

“Communting in Corona times”

– to make it a little more relevant we produced an English version with some items others may recognize themselves in, ” says innholdsutviklinger for digital media in the Glass.

Photo: Screenshot / Glass

Routes that are behind public transport in the Oslo area have jumped on the trend. On Facebook they leave out a, an Oslo-version of “Communting in Corona times”, originally drawn by Kera Till.

– Already a few weeks ago appeared the up a popular meme, and we wanted to share it to the followers, ” says Asbjørn Engedal that is innholdsutvikler for digital media in the Glass.

– Although I like that we got with “the book you still don’t have the time to read” – we are certainly not the only one who has any copies of it.

Their experience is that both memes and humor in general works best as a response to customers who already have something funny in the heart, not as clean posts. Furthermore, he stresses that they use Facebook primarily is to inform about the tasks their in Oslo and the Bay.

– But if we get people to smile is always a bonus.

Published by private groups, politicians and institutions

Esborg have also noticed that political parties use memes.

– I think many of these memes may be on to folkeliggjøre all – and with policymakers.

An example is the picture of justice minister Monica Mæland as the party has embarked on its own instagramkonto. Mæland has on File-slippers while she holds a press conference at home in their own living room.

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The secret behind the press conference in hjemmekarantene @monica_maeland #attorneygeneral #monica #maeland

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Also Jonas Gahr Støre was nonsense even after he was interviewed over Skype. On the shelf behind him is a dorull. Memen was posted by comedian, Espen Lervaag.

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Home office ❤️ (@madsholmelid )

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More memes in Norway

Koronavirusmeme-pbx is a private group on Facebook which has around 500 members.

Photo: Screenshot

Esborg says she senses an increasing number of Norwegian memes. Many people use it to get out a message.

While others use it as entertainment.

Elian Jentoft have created the private group koronavirusmeme centre on Facebook, where members can post memes completely free, in order to entertain each other.

– I have spøkt with the others that it was a proper brannslukningsslange a good while. We get between 10 and 20 new posts a day, ” says Elian Jentoft.