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– It is just the kind of ideas we get completely spontaneously, ” says physical therapist Anne Kathrine Lystad in the municipality of Moss.

The municipal physio – and ergoterapeutene had his base on the Peer Gynt Helsehus, but had to move because the municipality creates a separate clinic for koronapasienter there.

the municipality of Moss has so far registered 78 residents with koronasmitte, and two people are dead in the municipality.

Koronaklinikken will be operational after easter, ” says project manager Heidi Bye.

– The get 18 berths and will receive koronapasienter from Moss, Vestby, Valer and Advise. Patients will come from the hospital Østfold and via koronalegevakten, ” she says.

A number of municipalities have set up their own koronaklinikker. Among them, the Asker, Gjøvik, Lillehammer, norway, Fauske, Bergen and Trondheim.

Physio – and occupational therapists in Moss need to provide premises to a newly created koronaklinikk. It was not an ordinary flyttetur. You need javascript to see the video.

Physio – and occupational therapists in Moss need to provide premises to a newly created koronaklinikk. It was not an ordinary flyttetur.

Superhero and shark

But someone had to, therefore, that koronasmittede can get in on the helsehuset in the Moss.

And on Thursday at nine o’clock in the morning, put five of the twenty therapists on just as many electric scooters and wheelchairs. So began the five-kilometer-long journey through the Moss town, against the new premises on Øreåsen, farther south in the municipality.

Breath in the ground. Here consumed beverage in order to have the water balance in order under the plush costumes.

Photo: Private

What did they dressed up as the cat, Superman, shark, chicken and Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.

“We had expected to spend a half-hour, but it took longer than that,” says Anne Kathrine Lystad.

Along the way they were stopped by people who wanted to have a chat, and the driver saluted and smiled of the episode.

People got a good laugh, ” she says.

And fortunately it is also the laughter contagious.

Running with haidrakten in the car

In the korona-time we are inside, there is a need for humor and antics, and there are plenty of tips on how innelivet can be a little more fun.

occupational therapist Heidi Julie Bjørsrud, it is completely natural to run around with haikostyme in the car at any time.

– It is mostly laziness! I use it occasionally and do not bother to carry it up in the attic, so when it is lying in the car. But it is widely used as trivselstiltak when there is hard times!

Egoterapeutene Heidi Julie Bjørsrud and Jens Tore Waterfall. Haidrakten bought her one summer when she saw the many bad haifilmer on the TV.

Photo: Private

Heidi tells us that it was haidans outside a meeting room where leaders once sat and discussed the layoffs.

It was purchased after a summer with many bad haifilmer on the web. So was it a thing at work that “I was interested in the shark”, and then I had to play on it.

– When you bought you haidrakt.

– of Course I made it!

And now came the advantage again. To cheer up in a time where we overstrømmes of the not so pleasant news.

A superman is good to have in times where the world is attacked by virus. Health professionals are rightly awarded heltestatus in the fight against Covid-19.

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