The world will change on the impact of COVID 19 on globalization

Assistant to the President of Russia Maxim Oreshkin assessed the impact of the pandemic coronavirus globalization and international relations.

According to Oreshkin, after the “pandemic all international institutions will have to rethink,” reports RIA “Novosti”.

“there is No automatic measures that work in such crises, IMF problems, according to the who,” says the aide.

“The whole system of international relations will be seriously revised under this new angle. A large number of such structural changes waiting for the global economy in the coming years. And they all originated within a very short period of time,” Oreshkin said in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”.

“it is Obvious that globalization will seriously slow down after the crisis, and the country will first look at what is happening inside of them, and only then to talk about the development of the global some of the stories,” says Oreshkin.

In addition, it is obvious that the world after a pandemic coronavirus will pay more attention to the health care system, said the presidential aide.

“(Pandemic coronavirus) will affect the online environment it is clear that now in the current situation, the trend which has been for many years, the growth in the online, it will seriously accelerate, and the services that evolved systematically, will now grow at a much faster pace. This is also a significant change in our global society,” said Oreshkin.

We will remind, on Monday the President of the United States Donald trump expressed confidence that the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has highlighted the weaknesses of economic globalization.

Previously, the end of the era of globalization in the economy noted in Germany.