Summed up EcoCup 2020 — national Cup cases in the field of green economy and sustainable development. The winner in the category “municipal waste Management” was the team “Fresh smog” from the Ecocenter “Kuskovo environmental school” Mospeada. Their proposal was recognized as the best of more than 400 submitted solutions.

team Members — Vlasova Anastasiya, Arina Kisteneva, Maria Korytin and Faith Tokmakova — presented case studies on the functioning of small and medium business in Russia in the framework of the new system of municipal solid waste management. The use of household waste considered by the example of Kraft brewery. br>
Also paid attention to the issue of monetization business generated MSW and profit from separate waste collection and its recycling. Experts Mospeada developed a plan for waste management, presented a system for gathering and storing of secondary raw materials, as well as describe the scheme of supply of spent grains and yeast to the bakery.

EcoCup 2020 was supported by the national project “Ecology” and Russian ecological operator.