The spouse of a former participant of the TV show “House-2” Wenceslaus Wegrzanowski tried to commit suicide, informs Starhit. A girl named Daria still can’t get over the betrayal of her husband.

On 20 March, as reported by “the Rambler”, Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky got married to his sweetheart. However, the celebration was marred by the appearance on the festival’s mistress of the former stars of “House-2”, which said that she is pregnant by the groom. Daria ran away from the wedding in tears.

It is known that for a long time the girl didn’t answer the phone because he received evidence of her husband’s infidelity. She also wanted to dissolve the marriage with Vengrzhanovskiy, but the divorce was prevented by the restrictive measures associated with the spread of the coronavirus. On the eve of the Belarusian said that Daria was trying to commit suicide, however, in time the arrived physicians, which caused the girl’s relatives, managed to save her.

“Now to her life threatens nothing, but I don’t even want to remember the details and the horrors that we had to go through”, — the newspaper quotes the words of the showman.

Daria’s mother is now planning to send her daughter for treatment in the clinic of neuroses.