The who does not recommend to wear masks healthy people

PPE – respirators and masks must be used by all physicians. This is necessary to protect doctors from contamination.

Expert: Masks and respirators are only required when in contact with the people

Masks are now lacking in all countries affected by the epidemic. Therefore, who are concerned that excessive use of masks by the population only exacerbates the shortage.

“For the population we recommend the use of medical masks infected and those who care for them at home”, – said the head of the who.

for More detailed explanations about the wearing of masks to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” in an exclusive interview given by the Deputy Director of the Central research Institute of epidemiology, corresponding member of RAS Alexander Gorelov.

“Masks are absolutely necessary to physicians, as they have a high viral load because they are in contact with lots of infected. But it’s not the mask, with a high degree of protection, – said Alexander Gorelov. – If to speak about common situations at home to wear a mask unless you are caring for patients with signs of SARS. You can’t know what infection he’s got.

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And outside the mask do not need. In the open air to obtain a high concentration of the virus impossible. But if you go in a closed room with a large number of people – in the subway, store, etc. – then Yes, you have to wear a mask. We’re talking about droplet infection – there is a mask though and will not provide 100% protection but will help to reduce the risk of infection.

Only wear the mask correctly: it should fit snugly to the face, covering the nose and mouth (a reason only close mouth). And if you are already wearing something when removed, is not re-wear. In General, ordinary medical mask RAbot not more than 1-2 hours. Then it needs to change, and is used to dispose”.

full interview with Mr. Alexandr Gorelov will be published in the upcoming release “RG-Weeks”.