In the Donbas is coming worsening that already responds in Kiev paranoia.

July 13, at Gorlovka were shot the group to evacuate the dead body. The day before, on 12 July, soldiers from the reconnaissance of the 35-th separate brigade of Marines in combat jobs were in the mine trap, and blown up, his name still is not reported is the standard practice of the APU in situations where the body of the deceased remained on the battlefield and cannot be transferred to relatives for burial. Now the command of the APU is already negotiating the evacuation of two bodies – an intelligence officer and a military medic, who died July 13.

Shooting from three sides of the group of tow trucks, which allegedly was in the white helmets with the appropriate labeling – something that’s incredible even by the standards of the war in the Donbass, and now fiercely debated in the Ukrainian media, and in the divisions on the line of contact.

In turn from the self-proclaimed Republic reported that the Ukrainian intelligence officer of the 137th battalion of the 35th brigade was killed and his body is already taken away from the field on the side of the DNI to transfer subsequently to the families. At the same time it is reported that the removal of his body “at the request of the Ukrainian side of the JCCC” there have been many good and the next day after his

the deaths of two mine blew up the next big subversive group, which has one killed and three wounded.

People are dying on both sides. Dead bodies often change on live prisoners and Vice versa for the seventh consecutive year. Here have long developed their own rituals, their informal communication and personal accounts of many of the unit commanders, facing, opposite. To analyze the messages of the warring official press services is pointless, the main that is true, which is now well know fighters in the trenches near zaitsevo.

Against the 35th brigade of the Ukrainian naval infantry is here 3-I separate motorized rifle brigade of the DNI, composed mostly of men from Gorlovka. Lingering battles around the Russian Federation on the Northern tip of Gorlovka never stops, the position of each other all know well, but from the heat of a battle all holding back the conventions and restrictions on the use of large calibre artillery, tanks and heavy mortars.

Sometimes these limits are indicative for the sake of revenge or for other reasons are removed.

the Next few weeks at Gorlovka will be clearly nervous. But ironically, the loss under Gorlovka hardest hit on the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. He is now with the family and develops a renovated apartment of the state house “Koncha-Zaspa”. However, in Kiev there are persistent rumors that an urgent family moved Zelensky is that his personal friend the head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov said Vladimir And��exandrovich about an imminent attack by the forces of the army of specialists. Recently field investigators of SBU arrested in one of settlements of Donbass eight fighters with special equipment and weapons that were preparing for some special operations against DNR for more than six months, oversaw the group that military intelligence, or former employee of the SBU, who called himself an ex-member of military intelligence. In such cases, the truth rarely comes out. Even what was known about the operation of one of the Ukrainian intelligence agencies against the other near the contact line in the Donbas – is a sensation.

now That same army group Zelensky supposedly “sold” as a possible killer, and he immediately moved with his family in a gated community, without looking at the image loss.

the President of Ukraine not served, fought and publicly once said that “stop the war in my head”. In practice, outside of the “head President” is expressed, for example, that the Ukrainian authorities do not place orders for manufacture of new tactical missiles on the plants “Ukroboronprom”, and the new Minister of defense criticized that, by mid-July, he did not place any order for the production of mines and shells for the fighting army. Zelensky trying once again not to say condolences over victims in the front and do not respond to aggravation, to be a “President of peace”, but this is not to take the conditions of Russia in the peace process and to continue to fight.

All this makes it extremely unpopular at the same time in the army, in the East and in the circles of people who want peace at any price. Sudden outbreak of fighting near Gorlovka puts Vladimir Zelensky on the next string. In the coming days it will be clear whom the President of Ukraine fears most – his army, his constituents and, most importantly, what part of their constituents.