The Victory Museum has published an online tour about the crossing of the Dnieper

“the Uniqueness of this diorama is that its Creator – himself a participant in those events,” said the tour guide Svetlana Klizovsky. The guide explains why the Dnieper river called the river of the heroes, what was the slogan of the battle and how our soldiers were transported through this water barrier.

Photo: RGAKFD In Mogilev will present the author’s performance of the song “Victory Day”

the Guide will reveal the secret, what is the role of the sky in this large-scale canvas and why a diorama filled with light. The format of the virtual tours will allow you to see the smallest details of the diorama. The program will conclude with a quiz, answering the questions of which the most active users will receive gifts from the Museum.

all in All the excursion, quiz, prepared by the Museum of Victory for schoolchildren, two weeks have seen more than 28 thousands of Internet guests. Most hits – almost nine thousand in two weeks – took a tour about the siege of Leningrad. The most popular was a program about the battle of Kursk – three days it was watched by more than 8.5 thousand people.