The utility was scared of non-payment of housing a huge number of Russians

As you know, among the measures to support the population during a pandemic, is the exemption from penalties for non-payment of municipal services: a decree signed this week by Prime Minister Mishustin. This provision has caused concern to energy suppliers, who in his letter to the government indicate that the proposed action will provoke a sharp rise in household debt. According to forecasts, “National housing Congress”, the maximum fee for “communal” in April, will make up 30% of all charges. That is, resursnyi will miss, according to their forecasts, two thirds of the standard of payments of the population.

experts fear that the lost profit housing and communal services will be compensated at the expense of consumers. For example, a portion of lost revenues will return due to the increase of the cost of other services. The appropriate signals have already started coming from the regions: despite the difficult economic situation in the country, resursnyi spend recalculation of utility bills – of course, in their favor. In Komi, for example, with tenants required to pay for heat on the average up to 30 thousand rubles for an apartment. Thus, their monthly rents rose from 3-5 thousand to 17-35 thousand rubles.

meanwhile, the population in the current realities began to have serious problems with income. Not all consumers are able now to pay old bills, to say nothing of the increased… If the pandemic drags on, many families will face is not the most cheerful choice to buy bread and milk or pay public utilities for water and electricity. Only one cancellation penalties for late payment this will not solve the problem.

Yes, the defaults in housing is a giant beach. However, it is impossible to classify the majority of Russians to non-payers. Recall that according to Rosstat, the volume of debt in the housing sector at the beginning of 2020 amounted to 1.3 trillion rubles, and the main debtors are not tenants, and management companies.

support Measures of the government are not enough. Need more andctive to engage in public subsidies, said Executive Director of “housing Control” Svetlana Razvorotneva. “The most effective method for citizens who are in difficult life situation, is the housing subsidy. However, at present, it is getting very difficult, — says the expert. — Supporting documentation for the provision of such assistance must collect the citizens themselves, who, at the request of the authorities, are in isolation. This responsibility should shift to local authorities. While the initiative was not supported”.

Razvorotneva highlights: good that the interest was canceled, as someone from the citizens it helps. But now the most acute problem of older citizens who comply with isolation and unable to leave home to pay bills and to Deposit money remotely they do not know. Therefore, increasing the debt of the population, the expert explains.

need much more significant assistance than a deferred payment, especially when people’s incomes are rapidly declining, says the head of the noncommercial Organization of people’s control Natalia Chernysheva.

“the Abolition of fines and a ban on the utilities shut off for nonpayment is, of course, necessary but not sufficient condition. A more effective measure in the current difficult realities would reduce the payment for utilities, for example, 50%, or at least 30%, the expert is convinced. — If consumers came bills, where there would be the full amount and close the discount amount for the withdrawal, they would certainly appreciate.”

According to Chernysheva, in the current realities of the pandemic and the isolation necessary to introduce discounts on all services and celebrate the annual increase in tariffs from 1 July.