The unrest in North Ossetia associated with feasts Bitarova

on 20 April in Vladikavkaz took place the unprecedented for the recent history of unauthorized protest. According to various sources, it was attended by from half to two thousand people. Completed gathering also unprecedented for the most loyal republics in the North Caucasus in clashes with police and arrests. Arrested for two months and the chief instigator of the rally, blogger and singer Vadim Cheldiev, he went on hunger strike. We tried to understand the causes of the political crisis in North Ossetia.

most of the media rally in Vladikavkaz, was applied as a “rally against the isolation”. This motive of the protesters really were, especially since the leader of the protest Cheldiev really claimed that COVID-19 – invention of the authorities. However, our sources in North Ossetia believe that the quarantine of the event were only a pretext. The surge of dissent in the Republic is directed primarily against her head – Vyacheslav Bitarova, a figure which is growing irritation of the population and Republican elites.

Today in North Ossetia closed businesses, people are losing their jobs, many families have nothing to feed the children. Against this background, defiantly looks the fact that the brewery “Bavaria”, whose founder is the head of the Republic, continues to work. “It turns out that the authorities, who call on others to obey quarantine themselves of his and break. says on condition of anonymity, a resident of Vladikavkaz. – Working Bayern are forced to go to work, despite the threat of infection. To unsubscribe, they can not, as will immediately be fired.

But the paradox is that many people in the country envy them. Because for them the threat of poverty and hunger is stronger than fear of infection with the coronavirus”. The situation is compounded by the fact that, in accordance with local and national pan-Caucasian mentality, many in the Republic were employed in the “gray” schemes, without official registration, with a salary in envelopes, etc. Therefore, in the case of dismissal, they cannot count on even minimal payments.

on March 15 this year in the restaurant “Russia” in the centre of Vladikavkaz sang and danced the wedding. The number of guests on it, according to eyewitnesses, hundreds. He married the younger son of the head of the Republic Khetag Bitarov. The footage video from the hall of the restaurant, laid out in a network of well-marked and the groom’s father Vyacheslav Bitarov, which is photographed with the guests. The groom, the bride, the guests and the head of the Republic, all without masks, and social distance does not comply.

incidentally, this Khetag Bitarov is a very talented businessman. After all, as in the absence of remarkable talent and business acumen to open his first restaurant in 20 years? Also combining business management with continued training��ia.

As he studied the young Bitarov exactly where children of all true patriots of Russia and Ossetia in the USA. Today, this able young man owns a number of chain restaurants in Vladikavkaz. Not far behind his younger brother and eldest son of the head of the Republic Zelimkhan, who transferred in trust shares of the father in a number of companies, including its main brainchild – “Bavaria”.

of Course, such a “feast “crown” in a subsidized Republic, where the average salary is barely up to 26 thousand rubles, is perceived, to put it mildly, ambiguous. By the way, today Bitarov is in seventh place in the list of the richest heads of Russian regions. After he took the first post in the Republic, income based their businesses began to grow.

of Course, this is pure coincidence. But the confidence of the population to the new Chapter has not increased. As a number of scandals in which the name sounded Bitarova or his sons. So, his eldest son Zelimkhan was mentioned in connection with the scandal around the commercial building in the historic centre of Vladikavkaz. And the name of the head of the Republic sounded in the scandal of the collective farm named after Karl Marx, whose lands were put up for auction despite the protests of local residents.

At the same time real incomes were falling even before the onset of the pandemic. Thus, the average wage in the Republic in January 2020 was only about 75% of that in December 2019. Rising unemployment, fall of the birth rate.

All this together and causes distrust of government and elites in General, and this leads to the fact that the people ceases to believe anything that proceeds from the mouth of official representatives of the authorities or the media. So “cowed-dissidence” in North Ossetia, is a particular manifestation of the General crisis of confidence in the current leadership of the Republic.