the Vast majority of coronaofre, which is registered in the Uk in the past day, had other diseases in advance.

On the last day is the death toll caused by corona virus in the Uk has increased by 786.

It shall notify the national health service, NHS, Tuesday.

the Vast majority of victims are registered in England, namely, 758 of 786. The last 28 are spread across Scotland, northern Ireland and Wales.

And the vast majority had underlying diseases. Only 29 of the 758 deaths in England had no other diseases than the Covid-19, which is the disease, the coronavirus can result in. It communicates to the NHS.

The 758 people who are registered as deaths in the course of the last hours in England were aged 23 to 99 years.

A day earlier was the number of coronadødsfald in the Uk on the 439 people.

In all, 6159 people were infected with coronavirus, is dead in the Uk – of which 5655 in England – since the infection broke out.

The nhs has tested over 213.000 people for infection, and one of them is in all 55.242 declared infected.

One of the many infected is the british prime minister, Boris Johnson. He is hospitalized in the intensive care unit at St. Thomas hospital in London.

The british queen, Elizabeth II, send on Tuesday, a nod to Johnson and his pregnant fiancée, Carrie Symonds, and wish the prime minister a speedy recovery.

– Her majesty said, that they were in her thoughts, and she wanted the prime minister a speedy recovery, it sounds in a message from Buckingham Palace.