Although countless payday loans and high debt of ‘Luksusfældens’ participants most often make a great impression on the programme’s experts, it does not mean that it is precisely the impression that is sharpest in the memory.

At least not when one of the ekspertene, Kenneth Hansen, thinking back on his four years as an expert in the program.

“Now I have made a part section through recent years, and there are many things that come up. But it is actually not the people’s economy, but instead the people’s situation, who stand out most,” commenced he.

Kenneth Hansen especially remember two couples from different shows:

One of these episodes was from the 2019 season, where he would try to help a few in Horsens with their ailing economy.

“the Economy was not the biggest challenge. The problem was that the clashede with me and my medekspert. I remember that there was a distrust, before we even came.”

“There was also the couple from the premiere in years. It was also very violent, since there was threats of being thrown on the street.”

Both pairs, as tv-expert mentions, struggled with debt, who not only had an impact on their bank accounts.

Kenneth Hansen also remember, how the economy affected the daily life and the relationships in pairs.

Such perceived he it in any case.

And it is precisely the human at the program, that appeals to him:

“They are human beings, there arises, where families with children can be far-fetched, or where people may end up with to go from each other, makes the big impression on me.”

“It has something to do with the fact that I have great respect for the people. They dare to stand forward and admit their problems. It is a taboo to talk about the poor economy. They can’t run from it, but they admit how much it affects them.”

if you Ask Kenneth Hansen, it is precisely what gives him the motivation to take expert-manager position on his shoulders season after season.

“It does, I continue. When you stand in front of a man, whose life you have changed for the better…” he says hesitantly, and he continues:

“It is hard to describe. But when you see the zest for life and gratitude, then you will absolutely high. It is the challenges worth it, gives gasoline to the engine and just gives more meaning.”

When it now makes so much sense, it leads to a larger pressure with you?

“It seems now I do not. My motivation is to improve their economic situation and thus their life, for it is forever together.”

“But the participants have also to push things away, but people have also a responsibility,” says Kenneth Hansen.

in addition to Kenneth Hansen is also Carsten Linnemann, Jan Swyrtz, Mette Reissmann and Sesilie Monk The permanent experts in the ‘Luksusfælden’.