no matter how deep or serious a crisis is, ending it before or since, said the Swedish king, in tv-speak.

Sweden’s king Carl Gustaf called on swedes to think selflessly, when he on Sunday evening sent a televised greeting to the Swedish people during the coronakrisen.

Many swedes will like on holidays with the family or would like to travel. But much of what you usually do at easter, will not be possible this year.

– we have to accept It and set us to be at home, it sounded from the Carl Gustaf.

He reminded that it is about to think of his fellow human beings and not to spread the infection, in the worst case can cost lives.

– I Think of my fellow human beings? Or do I put myself first? The choices we take today, we must live with, long. They are going to affect many, he said.

the king’s speech was serious, and he drew comparisons with earlier crises, Sweden has found itself in. He recalled that he at the age of 74 years even have been some crises in his life.

– One thing I have learned is that no matter how deep or severe the crisis is, ending it before or since, said Carl Gustaf.

– Although it may feel difficult, remember that you are not alone, reminded the king.

It was, however, not only a gloomy krisebudskab, the Swedish king sent to his fellow countrymen.

He took good time in the seven-minute-long speech to pay homage to the great civil efforts, health workforce, provide on the country’s hospitals and other places in the public sector.

It’s about to put up and to separate what is important from what is not important, says the tv station SVT’s internal political commentator Mats Knutson.

– In this acute emergency condition is the king’s role, of course, important, says the commentator, in an analysis on the svt.see.

His main message was that swedes do not need to travel at easter, but instead stay at home to limit the infection, says Mats Knutson.

the King’s speech to the nation was broadcast from the Stenhammars Castle in Sörmland 120 kilometers outside of Stockholm.

Here, the 73-year-old king and the 76-year-old queen Silvia at any time stayed in order to avoid being infected with coronavirus.