One of the biggest tv stars in Sweden carrying around a love story that is worthy of its very own tv series.

Blogger and tv celebrity Bianca Ingrosso is with over a million followers on Instagram, a name which the swedes really talk about – and the relationship to her boyfriend Philippe Cohen are extensively documented on the social media.

The famous couple has had a lot of ups and downs along the way, and as late as last year they went from each other. In fact, in the two laps.

In January 2019, confirmed the pair, they were no longer lovers. In april they found together again, but after a few months word spread that they were gone from each other.

Bianca Ingrosso responded to the rumors by not confirming or denying that they were still together, and some months later, the couple had also once in love.

Now confirm Bianca Ingrosso, however, that she and her boyfriend went from each other.

In an episode of the reality programme ‘Wahlgrens world’ (Wahlgrens the world, red), which follows the Bianco Ingrosso and her mother, the singer Pernilla Wahlgren, the two have a conversation where it is revealed that they were from each other two times in 2019.

“I feel delighted to say that once again we are together. Therefore, I did not go out with it anywhere. It is really at such a point in time, I wish I was not an outdoor person,” she says in the conversation with his mother, according to the Newspaper.

Now the pair is again, but it is still not without anguish.

Thus, there are many fans who believe to be able to see that Philippe Cohen is in love with Bianca Ingrosso.

Earlier this month, she chose to share her thoughts about it on Instagram, where she pointed out that she would keep their past issues for themselves.

‘Sick, think I need to explain and clarify it, but I’ve got comments now, which says that he is not in love with me. We are in love and happy together, then drop like the vile comments about whether his love for me is real or not,’ she wrote on Instagram.