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Narvik municipality is one of several Norwegian municipalities have given dispensation from the non-compete as well to foreign nurses and helsefagarbeidere.

This is to keep the wheels in motion on the nursing home and in home care in the municipalities.

In Narvik, it applies the five nurses and two helsefagarbeidere from Sweden, the baltic countries and from the south of Dovre.

the How long they have been in quarantine varies, but some of them was only three days before they took on sykepleieruniformen and went to work.

This has got Sykepleierforbundet to react vigorously.

the association sent bekymringsmelding to the municipality in the hopes of getting the Town to turn the tide.

the Nurses are making a tremendous effort, and we have to take care of. Koronasituasjonen is not over, ” says Gertrude Krokaa in Sykepleierforbundet.

Photo: Øystein Nygård / NRK

– It is direct care towards vulnerable, older patients. But also the other employees in the health sector, as the risk of infection, ” says fylkesleder Gertrude Krokaa in Sykepleierforbundet in Nordland.

at the same time understand she that the municipalities are in a desperate situation.

– I understand that the Narvik municipality missing people, and that it is fully legal to give such dispensations. Nevertheless, it is worrisome that one takes in people from countries with completely different karantenebestemmelser than what we have in Norway.

Swedes rods nursing homes

While Norway keeps guard on the border, Sweden has chosen a different strategy than most other countries in Europe. Kindergartens and schools are still open, many go to work as normal, and nightlife spots are open.

Photo: Jonny Karlsen / Defense

In Sweden is 180 koronasmittede died, an increase of 34 in the past day. The government has now decided to ban visits to all the country’s nursing home from Wednesday.

And it is just the older nurses are worried about.

The forbidding employees to leave the municipality of

– the Way we see it is the risk too great in relation to what you get again. Koronasituasjonen is not over. We need to make sure to safeguard personnel so that they stay fresh and ahead for a while.

– Not with the light heart

– We have thin staffing in the first place. It is difficult to recruit health professionals, and the situation we are in now makes it even worse, ” says Heidi Eriksen way unto salmon-river, which is kommunalsjef for health and care in Narvik.

Photo: Narvik kommune

Heidi Eriksen way unto salmon-river is kommunalsjef for health and care in Narvik.

She has understanding for the concern from the nurses, but explains that dispensasjonene in Narvik has been absolutely essential to keep the wheels in motion.

– Also, in a normal situation, we rely on the employment agency. We are in a challenging situation, and this is not something we do with a light heart. she says to NRK.

She tells us that kommuneoverlegen has considered the situation relating to both the patients and the staff.

Narvik has to now four infections in the municipality. All have been koronasmittet outside the municipality.

So far there have been four cases of koronasmitte in Narvik.

Photo: Ingrid Lindgaard Beach

None of those infected are patients in a nursing home or residents in the communities.

According to the way unto salmon-river came all of the seven contracted health care workers to Norway in the days around 12. march when the quarantine provisions came into force.

– Some had just come, while the other was on the way. But all dispensasjonene was given early in the period.

When turnusperioden their is over, and they should be replaced with the new subs, these will have to relate to the 14-day quarantine.

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