The state service of Ukraine for emergency situations: the Radiation background in the area of the fires at Chernobyl in the norm

In the Chernobyl exclusion zone for the past ten days, the ongoing fires. As noted in the civil service, “there is a burning herbal forest floor and litter separate foci”.

Photo: AP Photo/Yaroslav Yemelianenko Crimean scientist called regions threatened by fires in Chernobyl

Previously a member of the public Council under the state Agency of Ukraine for management of the exclusion zone Jaroslav Emelianenko announced that the fire had almost reached the city of Pripyat and the radioactive waste storage. According to him, the radiation in the epicenter of the permissible limits, while the Ukrainian government is either not convey the real situation, or was chosen policy of silence, in 1986.

the Fire in the Chernobyl zone began on 4 April. Several fires were extinguished, but the fire continues to move to Chernobyl. To eliminate attracted 415 and 98 units.