Adopted in the first reading in the state Duma the draft law on certification of guides associated with a large number of complaints about the work of the guides of Chinese in Russia. According to some industry representatives, illegal foreign guides can not fully convey all the subtleties of our country. In addition, the ban on their work already exists many years, however, was spelled out in the international rather than Federal legislation.

In particular, the new document establishes the basic criteria certification guides (the guides), guides, translators and instructors-conductors, and also includes the requirements for education, experience and professional knowledge and skills. In addition, the law prohibits the employment of guides and guides that do not have Russian citizenship, unless otherwise stipulated by international agreements.

As told “MK” the President of the Russian Association of guides-interpreters, tour guides and tour managers Alexander Osipov, the passage of the law, the first reading is the result of a 5-year effort. In tourism a long time it was necessary to restore order, and this order gave the President in 2015. As for the situation with the Chinese guides, Osipov noted that the situation is not the best, but this bill is not specifically directed against them. Although of course it will be reflected.

“to Work in our profession on the new law can only be a citizen of the Russian Federation”, – this phrase is now tied more often, – said Osipov. But the fact that it has already been spelled out years ago in another normative act. The Protocol on the accession to the WTO. Previously, none of the objections has not caused, foreigners and so could not work for us. Now, we only handle our domestic Federal laws as the law on tourism directly that were not spelled out and, therefore, no sanctions illegal guides to receive for its activities could not. Although some regions had similar laws requiring the certification of tour guides.

According to the speaker, the figure of a guide is extremely important in the organized mass tourism. From work guide a large extent determines the success of any tour. If the guide is bad, it will not save even a perfect hotel and the food in the restaurant and if it is good, on the contrary, may obscure some holes the rest of the service. This is primarily to protect consumers, both foreign and our tourists.

– In our opinion, a guide should be, first and foremost, a patriot: country, region, city, continues Osipov. – So the guides should be regional certification. The most important point of the new document is a statement of the priority of Russian citizens in the certification of the profession of tour guide.

I Note that the law does not exclude, in case of the conclusion of Russia’s bilateral mutual agreement�� with another country, the work of the professionals of this country. In another case, a foreign tour guide could face not only fines, and even expulsion from the country and deprivation of rights for a visa in the future.