The Spanish hospital was full due to the coronavirus

the Adoption of such a decision became necessary due to the fact that the closure of shopping malls, cultural venues, restaurants, gymnasiums and the introduction of penalties for unjustified exit from the house during the quarantine did not help to stop the spread of a new type of coronavirus. Spain had it been more than 78 thousand, 6.5 thousand died.

Photo: the British applauded struggling with coronavirus doctors

Although hospitalitynet not all, hospitals were overcrowded. The worst situation is in Madrid (the capital accounts for almost a quarter of all cases). Doctors have to choose who to put in the hospital, and who to send home. And they sadly recognize that preference is given to young and having other pathologies. They at least have a decent chance to cope with the disease. According to the doctor of a hospital in the suburbs of Madrid Sarah Chinchilli, “one berth claims for five.”

And this despite the fact that the peak of coronavirus has not yet passed. As the Director of the coordinating center of alerts and emergencies of the Ministry of health of Spain, Fernando Simon, he will have at the end of the first week of April or the beginning of the second. “People who today picked up COVID-19, after about 7-10 days will have to be hospitalized”, – he said. However, he looks to the future with optimism, since the amount already recovered more than twice the number of deaths.

more alarmingly. Coronavirus picked up almost 10 of thousands of Spanish doctors and nurses. Despite the fact that only 8.8% of them require hospitalization (which, incidentally, is much lower than ordinary people, they it is 40 percent), the health system lost many workers. According to the coppercov, such a large number of cases in their environment due to the lack and poor quality of protective equipment.

In Spain have created a prototype artificial lung ventilation on the draft 30-year-old

“If I three months ago, said that we will work in such conditions, I would not have believed,” said the doctor Lydia Pereira. According to her, employees of the hospital “La Paz” tested for coronavirus, only when already sick. “In the end, the hospital may be left without staff,” she warns.

Some people from Spain had to wait their turn to see the doctor lying on the floor in the hallway of the hospital. Photo:

Contracted physicians are forced to stay at home, and my thoughts they spread in social networks. Some need their children, which can only be seen through the window, and the other opportunities to help people. As one of the last, the one “the moment he took off a protective suit and went home, was the worst in his life.” From a psychological point of view. In the days that followed, when the man was forced to isolate themselves, he thought about colleagues, leading the war against coronavirus. Likewise, feel the doctors who, despite the fact that perfectly healthy, can’t come to the hospital, because we are in the risk group by age.

the Spanish Authorities are trying to rectify the situation at the expense of foreign experts. They are ready to urgently hire 200 doctors and nurses who have already obtained a residence permit in the country, but still does not have permission to work on the profile. The necessary documents will be accelerated.

Meanwhile, the hospitals have doubled and even tripled the possibility of intensive care. Many hospitals refused other activities completely going to help those infected with coronavirus. The need to create a new space where you can place sick, it became evident after March 20. Then in the emergency room of Metropolitan hospital. Severo Ochoa de Albornoz addressed immediately 240. But to accept there were only 80 patients. In the end, the rest had to spend hours waiting for their turn, and some even lying on the floor in the hallway. Of course, the management of the institution then turned, opened the new premises, established additional beds, but the feeling of helplessness remained, both patients and doctors.

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images the Peak of coronavirus in Spain will have next weekend

As noted in the trade unions, health workers are completely protected, they are working in “inadequate and very risky sanitary conditions, lack of materials and protective equipment.” According to the Minister of health of El Salvador Elias, in the next eight weeks in hospital received 550 million 11 million masks and gloves (in the framework of the supply from China of medical equipment for € 432 million). However, these two months need to survive. And the Spaniards have raised the question why the country was not a strategic reserve necessary funds. While it remains unanswered, although some have accused in the ensuing crisis, the people’s party, which was the reform of the health system, the results of which the hospital staff in Madrid have been subjected to reductions.

Meanwhile, citizens are asked not to come to the hospital, but first contact by telephone in medical centers. According to the Union of “Workers Commission” (one of the largest in the country), “some centres will accept or commit to 800 calls a day.” The problem arose on the other hand, in connection with the reorganization of these services, some of them temporarily stopped their work. “And people, not when they reach your doctor, still go to the emergency departments of hospitals,” says the President of the Madrid Association of independent nursing Alda Rekas.

Photo: Paolo MIRANDA / AFP the Number of victims of coronavirus in Italy exceeded 10 thousand people

to ease congestion in the hospitals, the authorities of the Spanish capital has agreed with several hotels about placing them in patients with mild symptoms. 40 hotels participating in this project can take up to 9 thousand people. In addition, on the territory of the exhibition complex “Madrid” opened a field hospital with 5500 beds.

Great hopes were pinned on the rapid tests purchased by the Ministry of health of Spain in China. However, they proved ineffective, gave too many false negative results. The Chinese Embassy in Madrid explained the cause of the problem. In the rush to Spain appealed to the company which is not licensed on the production of such tests. In the end, the party was sent back, and Madrid was forced to seek a new provider.

meanwhile, the head of the Autonomous community of Madrid Isabel díaz Also declared mourning for the victims of the coronavirus. From Monday and until further notice the flags will be flown at half-mast, and every day at noon will be observed a minute of silence.

*This is an extended version of the text published in the “RG”