Belgium is In an emotional video message, calling Zultenaar His Lammens (34), which everyone, as much as possible to stay at home for as long as the coronamaatregelen in place. The second was Sunday, and a fine of € 250 after he and his father-in-Deinze, was also visited. “I live alone, and I find it really hard, but that is fine, it was a wake-upcall, just stay at home!”

“Just because there is a need to repeat it. It’s a tough time, and it requires a lot of energy, but guys, please be safe and follow the rules.” With a Facebookpost wanted to be His Lammens from the Statiestraat, in Belgium just as his heart is stunning. The news is that, in spite of the coronamaatregelen a lot of people during the easter weekend a lot of the streets in the evening and the rules have their day in court lapten, it comes with the 34-year-old Zultenaar hard to be inside.

Follow the rules, because if we don’t do that, it won’t be good”, says in the video. “I can’t tell you it is very difficult, because I’ve had a risk to be taken, and I have 250 euro to pay for it, this has opened my eyes.” The second relates to the afternoon, when he and his father went to visit the in-Petegem (Deinze). “I’m trying to do the rules as best as possible, but I live alone and have a very, very difficult,” said Jack. “My dad and I spend some time on the terrace and sat down, not cuddle with and a sufficient distance between the two of us. There must be someone in the police, because suddenly, there were a few cops at the door. They showed a concept of it, but they said that they strictly needed to be. I’ve got a fine immediately and a report is filed. If I even were to get caught, so it would be for the court to proceed. That was a serious wake-upcall.”

‘ For those with a family, it might be difficult to get to stay at home, but for those who are alone, it is even more”, said Jack. “Many of us have a spouse and children, and people like me don’t have. I do not even have a garden, and it comes with a terrace, with a square foot. I try to be creative, to love, and I exercise a lot, but it is difficult to measure. I know that there are people out there who still have a harder time than me, so I have to do, I also have this call to action. No matter how hard it is to stay at home, because that is what is at risk is really not worth it.”